Dubreq Stylophone GEN R-8 Synthesizer First Look: Fresh Without A Big Feature List!

DUBREQ Stylophone GEN R-8 Touch Analog Synthesizer With A Lot Of Modular I/O!

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Dubreq’s new Synthesizer GEN R-8 celebrated its premiere at the NAMM 2019. It’s the big brother of the world-famous Stylophone Synthesizer, though the touch keyboard is not 1 to 1 the same as the Stylophone. It’s certainly not a feature monster but for a Stylphone synth it is very much.

Highlights that I noticed: the very rough and aggressive sound and the very useful CV inputs / outputs. With the latter you can change the internal signal flow for more complex sounds or use the keyboard with modular Synthesizers. 300 € seems to be a lot of money for many but beware we are not talking about Behringer here. It’s made in UK, comes from a Boutique company and it’s not a traditional synth. Interesting instrument for users that search a unique synth. Not always counting the features!

News From January 24, 2019!

Two years ago, the GEN-X1 was presented at the NAMM 2017. Now the Stylophone gets a big brother with the Stylophone GEN R-8 Synthesizer. It features a full analog signal path with two VCO’s (saw, square and PWM), a sub oscillator, a 12dB multimode filter, fast envelopes, LFO and more. This new Stylophone features a sensitive 3-octave touch keyboard as well as a new 16-step sequencer with 8 banks.

The GEN R-8 is also ready for modular patching with the built-in 19 CV/Gate patch points. In this sense, it’s the first Stylophone that can be integrated into a modular system. Looking forward to check out it at NAMM 2019! Stay tuned!


The Stylophone GEN R-8 is the latest Touch Analog Synthesizer by Dubreq. The Gen R-8 comes packed with features of much larger and more expensive instruments, including a full analog signal path, Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM, plus sub-oscillators for room shaking bass. The DUBREQ Stylophone Gen R-8 is designed and manufactured in Britain. 

DUBREQ Stylophone GEN R-8


  • Full analog signal path
  • Steel enclosure
  • Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM (oscillator 1)
  • Sub oscillators and Subsub oscillators for room shaking bass
  • Unique British design 12dB VCF with Low pass, High pass, Band pass and wide Notch
  • Fast and punchy envelope
  • Supersensitive 3-octave TOUCH keyboard
  • Glide and Modulation keys for expressive performance control
  • 8 waveform LFO with S&H and One-shot feature
  • 19 CV/Gate patch points for advanced modular patching
  • Grungy analog style Delay with modulation CV
  • Drive knob for extra boost and fatness
  • 16-step sequencer with 8 banks and on-the-fly switching
  • MIDI in/out

First Look Video From NAMM 2019


DUBREQ Gen R-8 will be available in late February 2019 for a price of £299 / $349 / €329. Available now for pre-order!

More information here: DUBREQ

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