Behringer’s ARP 2600 Synthesizer Clone Is Ready For Pre-Order

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Behringer ARP 2600 clone for everyone at an unbeatable price of € 599 is in production and can now be pre-ordered.

It took many months until the Behringer ARP 2600 clone went into production. Already during NAMM 2020, there was a foretaste of what the 2600 from Behringer looks and sounds like. Honestly, it sounds awesome and if the series product sounds like that, it will be a great success. Sorry ARP and Korg.

Today I got the information that the Behringer 2600 can finally be pre-ordered from Thomann for an unbeatable price of 599 €. If you want it straight away, don’t hesitate, the first batch will be gone quickly. After that, it will take longer until the next batch will arrive.

Behringer 2600 Shipping

Crazy when you consider that the Korg (K) ARP 2600 replica cost 4000 €. So you get almost a 7-voice 2600 from B for the price of the Korg. Ok there is no poly chain function but let’s see it theoretically. Well, the Behringer version is smaller, has no ARP branding & official collaboration, and no keyboard. But still, 599€ for an ARP 2600 clone is extremely tempting also for me.

The Behringer ARP 2600 clone has a longer clone history than you might think. Already in 2017, documents were leaked giving an insight into the projects. From Wasp Deluxe, Cat, MS-101 everything was there as well as the Behringer 2600. Interestingly, almost all instruments that were leaked back then are now available except the SYNTI VCS3, which is still in development.

These documents also contain a complete overview of the features of the 2600, which is certainly interesting now

Features of the Behringer 2600

  • Legendary analog synthesizer with triple VCO design allows for insanely fat music creation
  • Authentic reproduction of original “Arp* 2600” circuitry with matched transistors and JFETs
  • Semi-modular architecture requires no patching for immediate performance
  • 3 VCOs, each with LFO mode, FM inputs, and multiple wave-shape outputs for an awe-inspiring palette of tonal possibilities
  • Multi-mode VCF with dedicated low-pass output with additional switched high/notch output
  • Incredible range of modules including ring modulator, lag processor, sample & hold, Schmitt trigger and envelope follower
  • ADSR and AR Envelope generators with switchable time factor
  • Realistic digital spring reverb for inspiring sound effects
  • Noise Generator with continuously variable colour
  • 2 dedicated LFOs with pulse and sine wave outputs
  • Switched Post Filter Distortion (PFD) / Inverter option on voltage processor
  • Differential (+/-) input VCA with both linear and exponential control inputs
  • Additional functions include attenuator, mixer, inverter, slew rate limiter and 4-way multiple for creative patching flexibility
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • 58 Faders and 15 buttons give you hands-on direct and real time access to all parameters
  • 83 Patch cable input / outputs for the ultimate in configuration flexibility
  • Powerful headphone output with dedicated level control
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

Availability & Price

I’m looking forward to the first user reviews and sound demos. I might also buy one from the first batch. It’ll be an impromptu purchase if it happens. Very tempting.

Behringer 2600 is available now for pre-order for 599€. The 12-14 weeks shipping announcement is a place holder until they know the exact shipping date. They expect it will come before Christmas.

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