PinkNoise Studio Released Orange 2 (Waldorf Microwave XTk) Synthesizer For Kontakt 5!

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PinkNoise Studio Orange 2 features over 200 NKI patches with samples from the Waldorf Microwave XTk Synthesizer in a full-featured engine for Kontakt 5!

PinkNoise Studio is one of the oldest developer of synth libraries for Kontakt. He has recently begun to renew older libraries and make them ready for 2018. Orange 2 is the newest release and features sounds of the Waldorf Microwave XTk Synthesizer.

The new Orange version features over 200 NKI patches and a brand new Kontakt interface with deep synthesis engine (filters, effects, LFO’s, envelopes, …).  Existing users of the v.1 can upgrade for a better price to the new version.


ORANGE 2 is a Kontakt sound library* based on the sounds of the legendary Waldorf Microwave XTk synthesizer. It provides a great collection of vivid and powerful sounds: wild leads, phhatt pads, extraterrestrial ambients, killer basses, morphing arpeggios, sweet strings, from soft and warm sounds to ice-cold one. It contains: arp & sequences (45 nki), bass (22), fx & percussion (24), key & polysynth (50), lead (27) and pads & atmosphere (52) 


  • new ergonomic user interface
  • new re-scaled faders (see pdf below for the details) for a natural feeling
  • more than 100 custom made knobs, faders and switches to control the most important parameters of the synth
  • customizable global MIDI implementation for 24 controllers
  • host automation for 24 controllers
  • 30 types of filter in 3 real-time switchable filter slots
  • fully editable effects: equalizer, 2 types of distortion, delay, 2 types of reverb, comp
  • 2 independent LFOs (waveforms: sine, triangle, square, saw, random) with tempo sync option, allowing modulation for 4 destinations: pitch, filter, volume and pan
  • extensive modulation options for external sources: velocity, mod-wheel, channel aftertouch, random.
  • template load/save option for sound design

PinkNoise Studio Orange 2 Synthesizer is available now for Kontakt 5.1 (full version) or higher for 29€. Owner of Orange v.1 find a special discount code in their user account!

More information here: PinkNoise Studio

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