zenAud.io Announced Windows Support For ALK2 Music Recording Software!

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zenAud.io ALK2, a unique music recording software that combines a looper and sequencer will be available soon for Windows!

The slightly different music recording software or DAW is ALK2. It includes a looper and sequencer in a program and is attractive for musicians who like to work with hardware loopers. The advantage is here, you can record whole songs with this principle.

Good news coming today from the developer zenAud.io and announced he time where ALK2 is only available for Mac is over. ALK2 will be available by end of this year also for Windows with the same features and functionalities.

zenAud.io ALK2


ALK2 was released on the Mac platform earlier this year to much appraise, including a number of awards. For the first time, musicians can control what gets looped, and when — all within the familiar DAW timeline paradigm. Instead of an error-prone series of pedal presses, ALK2 is empowering the musician to concentrate on their music, and let the software take care of the operational details.

During a gig, ALK2 follows the arrangement you rehearsed, pressing the necessary virtual pedals to arm channels, trigger effects, record and play loops at the right time — allowing the musician to focus on the performance, rather than on a pedal. Clips are recorded live and looped to create layers of sound, like a traditional looper, but, like in a sequencer, the loops can be drawn, moved, copied, cut and pasted in a musical arrangement.

According to zenAud.io, ALK2 on Windows can be expected in December of this year.

More information here: zen.Aud.io 

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