PyraOS 3.0 For The Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer Is Available Now!

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PyraOS 3.0 brings 30+ new features for the Squarp Instruments Pyramid polyrhythmic hardware sequencer: custom chords, 5 effects per tracks & more.

Hello PyraOS 3.0! After Squarp Instruments had release many great smaller updates for the Pyramid sequencer in the last time, now comes a big update. One has to hank the young French company for the long product care. At this year’s Superbooth, they introduced me to the third version of the PyraOS, which contains many useful and creative features.

One the big news is the new definition feature that let you make own profiles of your hardware/software synths which save all the CC and note messages. Per example, it allows you to map the filter and other parameters directly in this profile. It simplifies especially the workflow with your existing hardware instruments. Another highlight is that the Pyramid can now work analog sync that mans you can synchronise and slave Pyramid to an analogue clock. So seen a great free update that expands again the functionalities of this sequencer.


PARIS, FRANCE: following five months of beta-testing, avant-garde musical machines developer Squarp Instruments is proud to announce availability of pyraOS 3.0 — a free, major update of the radical realtime processing system firmware for its innovative Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer, an advanced 64-track desktop design with MIDI, MIDI USB, CV/Gate, and (Sync48- and Sync24-configurable) DIN Sync connectivity, creatively adding all the most requested features from its supportive user base alongside innovative ideas from its design team to total over 30 additions — as of September 3…

Polyrhythm is defined as a rhythm which makes use of two or more rhythms simultaneously, so Squarp Instruments’ Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer certainly takes some beating as an advanced 64-track desktop design with MIDI, MIDI USB, CV/Gate, and (Sync48- and Sync24-configurable) DIN Sync connectivity (‘re-released’ last year as a more robust MKII version, thanks to the machined aluminium housing and a sturdy screen protecting its graphical display); different and unusual time signatures can creatively be set to work on each of those tracks to shape shifted-beat sequences, sowing the seeds for freshly-flavoured musical productions.

Perfectly designed from the ground up as a modern, easy-to-use, and versatile hardware sequencer, the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer deftly delivers a radical workflow and almost unlimited possibilities… powerful sequencing, looping, rhythm generation, real-time effect processing, MIDI control, and input+output interfacing are far from beyond the realms of possibility. Put it this way: Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer is perfectly positioned to take centre stage in any musical setup — spanning studio to stage.

 New In PyraOS 3.0

  • new custom chord smart pads more (lets users create and save their own chords)
  • five effects per track (up from four previously)
  • send clock while loading a project (keeps slaved MIDI instruments synchronised even when the Pyramid polyrhythmic sequencer is lading a new project)
  • definition files – lets users create custom text labels for connected Synthesizers’ CC MESSAGES and NOTES, so the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer will display more meaningful text like FILTER instead of CC33 or KICK instead of C4, for example
  • 15 new arpeggiator styles
  • polymetric looper (creates polymetric patterns on the fly by using or combining two or more meters, rhythms, or time signatures)
  • duplicate (duplicate or divides the track)
  • consolidate (writes the NOTES and CC MESSAGES computed by the effects)
  • new SEQ mode display (includes all new sequence features)
  • possibility to assign the touchpad, five encoders, and analogue inputs per track
  • effect master (assigns and sets FX parameters of all tracks with a single control, such as scale for example)
  • analog sync (synchronises and slaves the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer to an analogue clock)

pyraOS 3.0 can be downloaded for free via the dedicated pyraOS product webpage, where a full features list is also available. The MKII version of the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer can be purchased for €619.00 EUR (excluding VAT) with free worldwide shipping through the dedicated online store or via Squarp Instruments’ growing global dealership network

More information here: Squarp Instruments 

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