Reason Compact – A Music App Sold Under The Wrong Name?

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Reason Compact is NOT Reason 10 optimized for iPad/iPhone but a slimmed down mobile version of the flagship Synthesizer Europa!

Yesterday, for a short time, great enthusiasm was there in the iOS app world during the newest Propellerhead Software release Reason Compact. No Wonder! Because under Reason Compact, iOS musicians has expected a mobile version of Reason 10 which is completely optimized for the iOS cosmos. It did not become that wish.

Under Reason Compact hides the Europa Synthesizer you already know from Reason 10 and from the plugin (VST/AU) version. Which may not be so nice: it’s not a complete port as it was the case with Thor for iPad, but a slimmed down version that can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Reason Compact & The Problem With The Name

So you can ask yourself if Propellerhead Software has chosen the wrong name for the app or just wanted to generate attention around the app. Personally, I would rather be pleased with a name like Europa mobile or simply Europa Synth. Reason Compact causes here to much confusion in my opinion because the app fooled the user it would be Reason for iPad/iPhone but it’s not.

Dear Propellerhead Software Team, I am glad to see that the European Synthesizer has made its way to the iOS platform and from the first looks, it sounds also great but the name absolutely doesn’t fit to the app. Please rectify this! I can also be completely wrong and the Propellerhead team will release in future several new synths, drum machine and effects in the near future, which will then change the app. We will see this!

Update From Propellerhead Software!

The company has just answered on my article that it’s just the beginning! “The first version of Reason Compact features a slimmed down version of the Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer from Reason 10. Reason Compact will be developed further to contain more tracks and instruments – including drums – so this is just a beginning”

Good to see this!

Reason Compact is available now for free on the Apple App Store!

Available here: Reason Compact

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