Sequential Has Registered A Trademark For PRO 3 Synthesizer

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Sequential PRO 3 will probably be Dave Smith’s next Synthesizer, which shows the Trademark registration on 10 September 

In May 2019 Sequential (former Dave Smith Instruments) announced the discontinuation of the Pro-2 Synthesizer. Many synthesizer lovers were not so happy about this news because the Pro-2 was loved by many but every end is a new beginning. 

Sequential has recently registered a new trademark for a Pro-3. This is a clear indication that Dave Smith is working on a successor to the Pro 2.

Sequential Pro 3

As a reminder, Pro 2 features a 4-voice paraphonic hybrid synth engine with 4 DSP-based oscillators, dual analog filters, 5 envelopes, 4 LFOs and more. By and large, the Sequential Pro 2 synthesizer got excellent test results.

From 4 to 5 out of 5 stars is included and almost every medium was enthusiastic about this hybrid synthesizer. Also, the OS update 1.4, which introduced linear FM, provided for enthusiasm

Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer Possible Features

The Pro 3 development will not be easy for the Sequential team, as its predecessor is so beloved. The danger is high that you can do something wrong. Possible new features would be (pure speculations)

  • analog & DSP-based oscillators (Pro 2 offers 4 DSP-based oscillators + sine wave sub osc.)
  • more waveshaping options especially in the digital oscillators
  • 6-voice paraphonic (P2 includes a true 4-voice paraphonic mode)
  • additional digital filter with different flavors (P2 dual analog filters)
  • bigger modulation matrix
  • more effects
  • new sequencer features & lines for parameter modulation
  • bigger OLED screen

About the possible Pro 3 features, you can now speculate a lot. What will really come, we will learn later. I assume Sequential will announce the Pro 3 at NAMM 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Pro 3 trademark 

More information here: Sequential 

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