New Bastl Instruments Videos: Destructive Looping With THYME, VCA Tutorial & Hendrikson Demo!

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Bastl Instruments newest video releases focuses on destructive looping, creating complex envelopes with VCA’s and using guitar pedals with Eurorack!

One of the most active Eurorack producers in the social media field are Bastl Instruments. In addition to classic module demos, they publish on a regular basis Patchení s Nikol, a video series in which Nikol from Bastl Instruments explains more complicated topics very easy. This video series is excellent in my opinion because they help every Eurorack user and highlight specific topics that you didn’t know before.

Václav contact me to say that three new videos are available on YouTube. The first one is a video about the new THYME, a unique digital tape machine. It focuses especially on destructive looping with it

I have been playing the THYME for quite a while and has a certain instrumental quality that is quite hard to master – as with any other instrument… it really became one of the most essential pieces of musical gear that I use all the time. I am really proud of it being a real instrument now and not just a dream that I had more than 3 years ago!

Beside this release, the Bastl crew also published a new episode of Patchení s Nikol that focuses this time on complex envelopes using VCA’s.

Last but not least, Bastl Instruments also introduced a video demo about the new Hendrikson Eurorack module. Hendrikson is a guitar/ instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors like stomp boxes.

More information here: Bastl Instruments 

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