Vinicius Electrik Released Lizard System – New Full-Featured Eurorack System From Brazil!

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The Lizard System by Vinicius Electrik is a new full-featured Eurorack Synthesizer System that combines analog and digital technology in a interesting way!

Wait! Red, eurorack and compact size, that’s the Behringer Neutron, right? Wrong, this is the Lizard System, a new full-featured Eurorack system from the Brazilian manufacturer Vinicius Electrik. The Lizard system is primarily a complete system but is also available in form of individual Eurorack modules. The whole system features in total 9 modules.

The Lizard system includes VCO’s,  LFO’s, filter, envelopes, MIDI to CV interface, wavefolder, VCA and mixer. At first glance, the whole thing sounds like something that is often on the market from other developers. Vinicius Electrik has made the modules more special and, for example, has developed a hybrid architecture for the Lizard VCO with different modes where analog meets digital technology.

Other example is the further development of the wave-folder concept. The OverFolder module use 5 stage of CV controlled folding that allows to bring a second fold over the previous one. A special and different concept for a Eurorack system in my opinion. Big plus for me: it benefits from both technology worlds: analog and digital.

The developer describe it in these words:  Bringing you a Eurorack modular Synthesizer system that packs an amazing array of tonal capabilities and precision control 

New Modules

  • MultiWaves: hybrid VCO/LFO with 1MHz sample rate & two fully analog LFO’s + noise generator
    • LFO mode 8 waveforms / VCO mode 7 waveforms
    • symmetric control for all waveforms
    • S&H control in the LFO mode & timing can be controlled externally
    • VCO with an independent SQR output
    • external CV inputs
  • LIZARD: hybrid VCO with 1 MHz sample rate
    • based on two modules: the LIZARD & analog wave switcher
    • can operate as VCO, sequencer or external clock
    • VCO: 24 generation modes
    • Sequencer & external clock: 12 different modes
    • 8 parameter controls
  • State Variable VCF: multi-mode filter
    • lowpass 12dB & 18dB, bandpass & highpass
    • 18db output has a custom feature
    • self oscillating VCF – can be used as sine-wave VCO
    • 2 audio inputs with independent volume controls
    • 2 CV inputs for cutoff
Midi+Port 4+Channel+Mixer Lizard+ Multiwaves Dual+VCA Overfolder State+Variable+VCF ADSR DSC06369
  • MIDI Port: monophonic MIDI to CV interface
    • 3 CV outputs, portamento, control (glide)
    • 2 gate outputs
    • 2 trigger outputs
    • wheel, velocity and midi clock output
  • 4 Channel Mixer: active mixer for 4 mono channels with independent controls and master out
  • ADSR envelope generator 
    • AR mode (trigger output) or full ADSR (gate input)
    • fast/slow switch
    • AR envelope can be triggered via the LOCAL switch
  • Dual VCA: two CV controlled independent VCA’s
  • Overfolder: new concept of wave-folder
    • use 5 stage of CV controlled folding that enables a second fold over the previous one
    • CV inputs for the fold, overfold & symmetry controls

Vinicius Electrik Lizard System Features:

The Lizard is a complete Eurorack modular system in a 104 HP case. It is composed of:

  • MIDI2CV module;
  • ADSR Generators (x2);
  • Lizard VCO, a powerful hybrid VCO with 48 Operation Modes, which can also function as sequencer;
  • MultiWaves, a triple LFO of which two are fully analog and one is hybrid (with 8 waveforms) that can function as a VCO;
  • StateVariable VCF which features Low Pass 12, Low Pass 18, Band Pass and High Pass outputs;
  • OverFolder, a wavefolder with an innovative folding topology;
  • 4 Channel Mixer;
  • Dual VCA.
  • Package includes varied set of 24 colored patch cables and an external power supply for better signal-to-noise ratio.

The Vinicius Electrik Lizard System is available now for $1899 USD, individual modules starts at $110 USD.

More information here: Vinicius Electrik 

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