Tracktion T7 A Full-Featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Is Available Now For FREE!

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Tracktion T7, a beginner friendly digital audio workstation for PC, Mac & Linux with professional music production features is available now for FREE!

Tracktion is a software company that is mainly known for the Tracktion and Waveform DAW. It is also known because they do not swim in the stream of classic software developers and have their own ideas. So also in the marketing of their products. Last year in September they offered per example the full version of Tracktion 6 as a free download, now it’s time for version 7.

Same as T6, T7 Free has no limits, is the full version and offers everything you need to start making and producing music. Highlights are: compatible with PC, Mac & Ubuntu, support for VST/AU/Linux VST, unlimited audio & MIDI tracks with automation, professional time-stretch algorithm, step sequencer, midi learn, warp time, LFO generators etc.

Free Without Restrictions!

A big like for this release because everyone now has access to a modern DAW to make music, you can work with external instruments /plugins and if you want to benefit from new features you can upgrade to the commercial Waveform 9 version. But it’s not a must because T7 doesn’t have restriction that hinder your music creativity.


“With T7, we’ve taken the Tracktion paradigm a lot further,” explained Lead Developer, Dave Rowland. “In addition to a great looking, more dynamic user interface, there are a lot of practical improvements designed to boost productivity. However, I’m most excited about the new tools for manipulating clips and plugins. With unique features like these, T7 will take users in new directions.”

One of T7’s creative-oriented introductions, Clip Layer Effects (Pat. Pend.), allows complete control of sound design at the clip level. Another new feature, Multi-Browser Sync, provides the ability to preview many files together, from multiple browsers, in sync with the edit. For plugins (VST and AU), there is a new visual selector to speed the sorting process and new LFO Generators to quickly modulate any plugin parameter. Even the MARKETPLACE interaction has been improved making it easy to shop for new virtual instruments and effects without leaving the T7 app environment.

Tracktion 7 is available now for FREE for Windows, Mac and Linux. Upgrades to Waveform 9 are available at starting price of $59 USD.

More information here: Tracktion

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