AudioLayer By VirSyn Is A Powerful Sampler For iOS With AUv3 Support!

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AudioLayer is the newest iOS release by VirSyn and is a straightforward designed (AUv3) sampler with multi-scope editing feature and a straightforward designed interface!

How often do you hear in iOS forums the desire for an AUv3 sampler with advanced features. We want the famous Samplr app with AUv3 support but nothing happened. Now VirSyn, the German iOS developer fulfils the wish of many mobile musicians and has released AudioLayer, an advanced sampler with AUv3 support.

AudioLayer uses a streaming sample engine that allows you to play huge multi-sampled instruments with hundred of voices without problems. An interesting sound design related feature is the Sub Sample Looping function that gives you the option to loop also in the audible range. To edit samples, the app includes a multis scope editor that allows you to edit each layer and zone. To manipulate, several filters, envelopes are available in each zone. I don’t test it yet but I think this is a powerful sampler that we were waiting for.


AudioLayer satisfies the most sought after gap for contemporary music production on iOS devices. AudioLayer is a full featured open standard audio multi-sampler pushing the boundaries beyond what has been available even in the desktop music production worlds. And all this integrated in all relevant iOS production environments especially the emerging AUv3 AudioUnit standard.

SSE – Streaming Sample Engine

The ultra efficient Streaming Sample Engine SSE is capable of playing hundreds of voices of big multi-sampled instruments even in strictly resource limited applications like using multiple instances of AudioLayer in AudioUnit host environments. Innovative features like Sub Sample Looping for perfect loops even in the audible range extend the range of applications even further.

Perfect iCloud integration

The consequent usage of the open file structure of the Files app makes organising even large sample libraries a breeze. Sample recordings and Instrument designs made with AudioLayer are seamlessly available across all your devices and desktop. Even more this opens up new forms of collaborations with musicians all around the world to share your creations and work together. App works also without iCloud, but less convenient.

Multi Scope Editing

To support the creation of complex multi-sampled instruments AudioLayer allows you to use a hierarchical structure of Layers and Zones each with it’s own sound manipulation parameters. A unique element of AudioLayer is the possibility to decide for each Zone at which Scope level your editing apply: For the all Zones in the Instrument, for the Layer only or individually for this Zone only. This opens a whole new world of creative options for sound mangling. For sound manipulation you can use a full set of Filters, Envelopes and LFOs to shape the pitch, timbre and level of the sound of each Zone.
SIS – Seamless Instrument Switching

The unique architecture of the Streaming Sample Engine allows for instant loading of even complex instruments and makes this switching from one Instrument to the next without cutting off the sound! And this includes of course also different effect setting

Easy Design Workflow

The built in audio sample recorder let you create Instruments on the fly in seconds. The Music Effect AudioUnit / Audiobus effect plugin of AudioLayer let you record multi-samples semi automatically directly inside your preferred host and instantly create an Instrument with the help of several Auto mapping options available. This includes file name based mapping of key ranges and velocities and automatic pitch detection. For the creatives we’ve also integrated a special “Single Cycle Waveform” detector making the use of this special files a breeze.

Feature Highlights

  • Multisample mapping with Layers and Zones
  • Unlimited layers per instrument
  • Unlimited zones per layer
  • 7 groups per Zone (e.g. for drums)
  • Seamless Instrument switching (already playing voices of previously selected instrument are not cut off)
  • Polyphonic and legato monophonic modes.
  • Hi performance sample engine for hundreds of voices
  • Hi quality resample engine using B-spline sample interpolation.
  • Mix Layers for sound stacking
  • Morph Layers via ModWheel
  • Volume, Pitch, Filter envelope/LFO per zone
  • Sample start / end point
  • Sample loop mode / markers / fade
  • Sub Sample loop range for precise tuning
  • Loop modes one shot, normal, normal with fade and alternate
  • VCF / VCA /3 LFO/ 3 ADSR per Zone with scope inheritance
  • Different filter types Hi/Lo/Bandpass 24 / 12 dB
  • No limit for sample size
  • Streaming samples to remove RAM load
  • Seven studio standard effects concurrently usable (distortion, parametric EQ, phaser, flanger, chorus, ping-pong delay & reverberator
  • Standalone App
  • AUv3 Instrument and Music Effect
  • AudioBus 3 support with state saving & IAA
  • Audio Recorder with share function
  • Ableton Link

Virsyn AudioLayer is available now for $14.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

Available here: Virsyn AudioLayer

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