ChowDSP BYOD, free modular distortion plugin/app gets a massive 2.0 update

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ChowDSP BYOD is a free, open-source plugin that lets you build your own distortion effect on macOS, Windows, iOS and Linux. 

With BYOD, ChowDSP released a free modular effect plugin and Auv3 app with which you can design your own distortion back in 2022. Version 1 already had a huge number of modules and utilities. That wasn’t enough for the developer.

The new update 2.0 is out now and features seven new effect modules, including Flapjack, Fuzz Machine, Mouse Drive, Crying Child, Krusher, Solo Vibe, and Ladder filter. Then, the developer added several other new features:

  • MIDI Modulator” and “Param Modulator” modules.
  • level tracking input and output ports for relevant modules
  • netlist view to allow for customization of some circuit-modeled modules
  • mouse interactions for selecting and moving/deleting multiple modules at once
  • sample rate correction filter for GuitarML module.
  • improvements for the preset search, custom IR loading/saving for “amp IRs” module, RAM usage.
  • fixed LFO waveform in tremolo module and crash when scrolling presets in Loopy Pro.


New Add-On Packs

On top, ChowDSP published three new add-on packs available via in-app purchase. This gives you even more distortion modules

  • Kiwi Pack with virtual analog emulations of circuits from some rare and unique New Zealand valve amplifiers, including the Jansen Bassman and Fountain Mustang.
  • Boutique Pack with emulations of circuits from classic boutique amplifiers, including the Dumble ODS, Jim Kelley Amplifier, Fender 5E3 Deluxe, and a custom-built bass amplifier.
  • Canuck Pack with emulations of circuits from classic Canadian-made amplifiers, including the Garnet Herzog and Traynor Reverbmaster.

The BYOD plugin for macOS, Linux, Windows, and iOS remains free of charge. The add-on packs are available for $11,99 each.


Article March 11st, 2022

Chowdhury DSP has released very exciting free plugins and iOS apps over the last few years. For example, the Chow Matrix is an endlessly growing delay effect with complex internal modulation and feedback that goes far beyond what other commercial plugins can do. Plus, all these creations are open-source and gives you the option to use the code in your own creation.

Today, ChowDSP is back with another big highlight. BYOD is a new free distortion plugin that is fully customizable.



BYOD is a new free cross-platform distortion effect plugin. However, it is no ordinary distortion plugin. It’s like a modular distortion plugin that allows you to craft your own distortion timbres. As in modular synthesis, there is an input and output section and various modules that can be chained together.


ChowDSP has built a huge number of versatile modules into the BYOD plugin that emulates different guitar distortion and tone-shaping circuits. Including 16 distinct drive modules (diode clipper, diode rectifier, dirty tube, waveshaper…), 11 tone modules (filter, EQs…) and 9 utilities (mixer, frequency splitter, oscilloscope…).

Lastly you get 7 other modules including a chorus, compressor, delay spring reverb… So it’s not only a distortion designer but also a multi-fx.

Another fascinating plugin from ChowDSP. I think this is the most complex that Chowdhury DSP has developed so far. Yes, it is again open-source giving other developers to learn from it, the option to incorporate it other creation or to modify it. Friends of distortion sounds can live it up freely here. It’s a distortion playground.


ChowDSP BYOD is available as a free download for macOS, Windows, iOS and Linux. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, AUv3, AAX, LV2 plugins or in standalone. The source code is available on GitHub.

More information here: ChowDSP 

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