Soundmit Introduced T [W] LV – Harmonic Oscillator Module For VCV Rack For Free!

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T [W] LV by Soundmit is a new powerful harmonic oscillator module for the free VCV Rack software modular Synthesizer that includes a big feature set!

That trade fairs / conventions collaborate with developers is less common.  Soundmit, the Italian Synthesizer fair joined force with the developer Autodafe to make something new. They developed together a brand new oscillator module for the VCV Rack format.

T [W] LV is a new harmonic oscillator that features 12 selectable harmonics and each harmonic is independently controllable. The good news is: T [W] LV is available for free!


T[W]LV is a VCO with 12 selectable harmonics, you can control the level of each harmonic, from x1 to x12, multiples of the fundamental frequency (FREQ). The WAVE selector allows you to change the basic waveform (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle and various pulses with 10 to 90% width). The level of each harmonic can be modulated using its dedicated input and attenuator using LFOs, Sequencer and so on… Looking cautiously round, to ascer-tain  hags nearer to the fire.

This module is developed for Soundmit by Autodafe, check his website for more VCV’s modules.

T [W] LV by Soundmit is now available for free from the official website.

More information here: Soundmit 

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