Poll: Should Arturia Publish A KeyStep Pro MIDI Keyboard Sequencer In Future?

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The Arturia KeyStep is a best-seller MIDI controller keyboard but do we need an KeyStep Pro Keyboard Sequencer with full-size keys?

Choosing the right MIDI keyboard is hard. Many would like to have portable other full-size keys for the studio. One of the most successful is the Arturia KeyStep because this MIDI controller is not only a keyboard but also has an arpeggiator and sequencer onboard.

No wonder many musicians want a KeyStep Pro that has full-size keys but also an arpeggiator and sequencer. In addition it should have many CV/Gate connections (similar to the BeatStep Pro) for external instruments such as modular synths. On the part of Arturia there is no information if they will develop a KeyStep Pro in the future. Brian Brill on Facebook has thought and photoshopped a unit.

I would like to see such a controller on the market because these controllers doesn’t exist so far. I’m pretty sure that a KeyStep Pro will be a massive seller for Arturia. To possibly persuade Arturia to publish such a product, I invite you to participate in this simple survey. Say yes or no to a KeyStep Pro! This is not a secret poll of Arturia but simply to hear your opinion on the subject. Maybe we can achieve something!

Here is a second photoshooped version!


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Thanks for participating!

More information here: ARTURIA 


  1. Let’s get Keysteps back on the shelves first…in black please.
    Out of stock all over Canada (July 2018)

    • Hey John. The black one was only limited in quantities. So I don’t think they will come back.
      They remove the black version already from the website. Cheers

  2. OK, I’m the one who did that photoshop of the “Keystep Pro”, so maybe I should explain the thinking a little bit.

    There are plenty of controllers with knobs and sliders and all sort of software control elements, but the Keystep seems geared towards controlling synths that already have knobs, and in particular, with its CV outs, modular synths.

    So I’d like to see a Pro version focus on the existing strengths of sequencing and CV connectivity without trying to be like so many other controllers. It would be very cool to have each sequencer have different modes so that they could be used as tempo-synced modulation sources. Give each track the ability to be clock divided/multiplied, and it could get real fun.

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