Mystery Islands Music Announced NovaX – Novation Nova Synthesizer Editor For PC & Mac

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NovaX gives you access to all the parameters of the popular Novation Nova Synthesizers directly from any DAW with VST and AU support.

Mystery Islands Music has become more and more the most important developer for editors in recent years. They have an very good Blofeld editor in the product lineup but also in the future one for the Novation Nova Synthesizer series. It will be named NovaX and is a full-featured editor plugin for the Novation Nova Synthesizer that gives you full access to every parameter.

The plugin can be used immediately in your DAW (VST /AU required) and allows you to load/save patches or working with automations. The UltraNova and MiniNova are supported by this new editor, the SuperNova not!


We all know how Novation made one of the best VA synths ever. There was one thing that let me down with the sound design and overall usage: MENUs. Modulation capabilities of this synth are phenomenal and everyone who has had their hands on with Nova knows this.NovaX Editor is a Novation Nova-range VST and AudioUnit MIDI / SysEx librarian editor plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.


  • Connect your Novation Nova synth with MIDI interface into your DAW.
  • Manage single presets within our editor / librarian.
  • Load, edit and save your programs & save them to HDD in SysEx format.
  • Load up-to 6 parts of Novation Nova / Supernova / Ultranova / Mininova sounds into a single plug-in.
  • Manage all 6 parts individually within single window.
  • Automate almost every parameter of the plug-in.
  • Visual link between the knob movements on hardware <-> software. You can see all being updated in the plug-in UI as you go.
  • When project containing our plugin is loaded into DAW, our plug-in sends the used data automatically to the synth. This means, that you can hit play, without any loading hassle with the hardware itself. This is purely automated.
  • more details on product page.


  • Novation Nova-range hardware synth.
  • MIDI interface.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later with AudioUnit or VSTi host.
  • Win XP, Vista, 7 or 8 with VSTi 2.4 compliant host.
novax-v096-librarian novax-v096-filters novax-v096-lfo-modmatrix novax-v096-effects novax-v096-global-performance novation-novax-oscillators-v090

The NovaX editor by Mystery Islands Music is now available for pre-order for a price of 29.95€ (+VAT)

More information here: Mystery Islands Music 

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