Granulat By Rigid Audio Is A New Cinematic Instrument For Kontakt 5

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Granulat is Rigid Audio’s latest cinematic instrument release for Kontakt 5 and features over 170 cinematic instruments ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells  to vocal atmospheres.

Rigid Audio is a small developer for excellent sample libraries. Today, the developer published Granulat, a new cinematic instrument for Kontakt 5. It features over 170 patches that covers many sound domains: strings, brass, vocals… The sample content is built-in a new designed interface with several hands-on parameters.

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GRANULAT is our newest tool for cinematic sound design and rich, moving textures. It works by playing hundreds of small grains of audio and then shifting these in the sample range left or right. You can use the modwheel to alter that shift amount or use any of the 9 tables to quickly add complex movement to the built-in sounds.

The great thing about this technique is that you can freeze a sound at any position in the waveform. This also allows for great manual noise and FX sweeps where you can determine the speed of the transition. GRANULAT comes with 170 cinematic instruments, ranging from hybrid strings, brass swells to acoustic bell-like textures and vocal atmospheres.

Following Sound Categories Are Included:

  • Bowed (16 instruments)
  • Drone (11 instruments)
  • Guitar (12 instruments)
  • Hybrid (25 instruments)
  • Pad (15 instruments)
  • Piano (4 instruments)
  • Sweep (18 instruments)
  • Texture (54 instruments)
  • Vocal (15 instruments)

Granulat by Rigid Audio is now on sale in a special introduction sale for only $9.99 USD until June 14th, 2018 (regular $49.99 USD). Prices incl. VAT.

More information here: Rigid Audio Granulat 

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