Audiomodern PATHS Review – Loop Based Virtual Instrument For Kontakt 5

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PATHS by Audiomodern is a great sounding loop based virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 with a wide range of cinematic electronica sounds.

To be honest, I’m not a big user of loop libraries because I like to design my own sounds. Nonetheless, the products of Audiomodern have aroused always my interested because they are modern in design and contain electronic sounds that goes in depth. One of them is PATHS, a loop based sampler instruments for Kontakt 5 by Native Instruments.

Sound Content

PATHS is primarily a sample library designed for the full version of the Kontakt 5 sampler. However, the developers of Audiomodern deliver the library in other audio formats (WAV, Apple Loops, ACID and REX formats), which makes it possible to use it in classic DAW’s and samplers. The library which has a size of 1 GB features 30 new designed construction kits that range from complete lush & deep electronic to neo-ambient.

What is interesting and a little bit different like in an ordinary loop libraries: there are almost complete tracks here in this sound collection. Often only gets a few seconds, that’s different here. The 30 kits can be seen as 30 individual tracks. Here not only individual sounds were recorded but the developers put efforts in to compose complete electronic tracks for it. Each track is based here on six different loops that automatically sync to your host tempo.

The Kontakt 5 Engine Animates The Library

As mentioned earlier, PATHS is also shipped in Kontakt 5 format. The sounds are all pre-mapped in a new engine that makes it possible to make sound changes. The interface is divided into three different sections: loop selection, mixer and effects.

Kontakt 5: Loop Selection

In the Loop section, a sound kit can be selected in the middle using a large knob. Than you can pan an entire loop on the left and adjust the global volume of it on the right. In addition, you can save various settings and re-call them.

Kontakt 5: Mixer

In the middle is the mixer section with which you can edit the 6 individual loop layers. Each sound can be paned, tuned, soloed and muted individually. There is also the possibility to replace individual sound elements with other available kits from the library. Next you can turn the effects on/off for each channel. On top, you can change the loudness of each kit. This section can described also a cockpit of PATHS because it allows to change the structure of the kit.

Kontakt 5: FX

The individual sound tracks can then be edited on the third page with various effects. There are seven different effect processors available: filter (lp/bp/hp), stutter, delay, reverb, drive, EQ, Glitch). The developers have not decided on a classic reverb type but use custom reverb engine that is based on 20 unique IR samples.

One thing is for sure: the developer Audiomodern has made a lot of efforts to design an interface that is clean, modern and intuitive. You can find all the necessary features with just a few clicks without having to search for a long time. A bit shame is that you have no further possibility to make further changes to the sample content. It would be interesting to change the length or the position of the loop. Also I miss a waveform display where you can see the current playing sound.

How Does It Sound & Where Can I Use It?

In addition to the good interface for Kontakt 5 I can also congratulate the work of the sound designers and musicians of Audiomodern. The content sounds excellent and noble in my opinion. Many of the sounds go in the depth and together they form complex sound structures. You get to hear deep electronic, neo-ambient and electronic sounds that include a cinematic touch. There are no classic EDM tracks in the library but content that goes in the experimental ambient area.

It’s certainly usable in music production but a bit more difficult. People who are used to working with loops will not have any problems with the library. In my opinion not only music producers can work with it but also film creators who are looking for sounds for their advertising, documentaries or trailers. Especially because of the complete songs in this library, creators can quickly put sounds on pictures without going deep into composing. I think PATHS is an instrument that satisfies people who are looking for fast sounds for a job without having to develop long tracks of their own. Here they find a assortment of great sounding atmospheric and ambient kits that features plenty of tonal and rhythmic elements to choose from.

Sound Demo & Video Review


In summary, I can say that PATHS is a slightly different sample library for the Kontakt 5 sampler. It has an excellent sounding sample content that is built-in a modern and intuitive interface. It’s primarily not designed to offer a wide range of sampled instruments but more complete tracks consisting of different loops that are individually changeable.

In my opinion, Audiomodern has created a tool that allows musicians as well as movie creators to quickly create tracks for jobs. If you search loops that combines ambient oriented electronics sounds with a cinematic touch, than you should check out PATHS by Audiomodern. Check out also my video review where you can hear the library in action.


  • excellent sound quality
  • in depth electronic sounds with a cinematic touch
  • modern & intuitive interface


  • limitations in the sound manipulation
  • relative high price ($49 USD)


  • no further settings available for the samples (start/end points, loop length)

PATHS by Audiomodern is now available for $49 USD.

More information here: Audiomodern PATHS

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