Superbooth 2018: MFB Introduced 4 New Affordable Eurorack Modules

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MFB shows with its four new modules that Eurorack does not have to be expensive

At Superbooth 2018, the Berlin based music company MFB announced four new interesting Eurorack modules that are all very affordable. The new VCO/DCO is a new analog oscillator module that has an interesting twist. Users can use it as standard VCO but also as DCO (digital controlled oscillator) which is more stable. It features a saw/triangle/rectangle and square waveform that includes a blending feature. Beside this, it comes with an FM input and a PWM-modulation possibility.

The 24dB VCF SSCI is an analog filter that is based on the SSI2144 chip. It features a 12dB output which works either as lowpass or bandpass (+/- 12dB). Two additional Inputs are also included, one of these include an attenuator. On top, it includes another CV inputs with an attenuator for the cutoff frequency and resonance.

ADSR & Graphic VCA

The third new module is a new ADSR (attack, decay, sustain and release) envelope that features in the basic configuration a logarithmic signal flow but a linear can be mixed to the first one. It can be also used as LFO with the included loop functionality that goes up to 100Hz. The ADSR is controllable via additional CV inputs for attack, decay and release.

Last but not least, we have the new Graphic VCA. As the name suggest, it’s a classic analog VCA with an oscilloscope. It includes an audio input with attentuator and 2 CV inputs for controlling by ADSR and LFO.

First Look

All four modules will be available very soon. The prices are as follows:

  • VCO/DCO: 99€
  • 24dB VCF SSI: 99€
  • ADSR: 79€
  • Graphic VCA: 89€

More information here: MFB 

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