Black Corporation Will Introduce A Polykobol Synthesizer Replica As DIY Kit At The SuperBooth 2018

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Not heard of Black Corporation from Japan yet? Then you probably missed the Deckards Dream Synthesizer last year. Black Corporation, brought to life by the former developer of Sputnik Modular Eurorack modules, has recently launched a modern interpretation of the CS-80 Synthesizer that has long been a big top in the synth communities.

The Deckards Dream is not the only developer’s project. At this year’s SuperBooth in Berlin, the developer will introduce a new Synthesizer in a rack format. The company published on Instagram a blurry picture with the text: “Something new coming this May, we gonna show it at SuperBooth in Berlin”.

Already at this year’s NAMM show a prototype of this new Synthesizer was spotted. The last informations from the different forums, the company is planning to release a polyphonic Kobol replica, the Polykobol that used the SSM2044 chips. Roman Filippov already confirmed that this new Synthesizer will be available soon as a DIY kit.

Picture from NAMM 2018 ( )

Sound Demo Of The Original Polykobol

For those who can not afford a replica of PolyKobol, the french company Xils Lab also offers the PolyKB3 plugin, an excellent emulation for PC and Mac

More information will be available during the SuperBooth at the beginning of May in Berlin. Stay tuned.

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