Happy Nerding adds granular synthesis to the FX Aid module family

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Happy Nerding has updated its FX Aid module family (regular, XL, Pro), adding granular synthesis to the algorithm list. 

The Granular celebration continues. We see many new granular processors not only in software but also in hardware. See the Kiviak Instruments WoFi, an upcoming keyboard sampler with a granular reverb from France.

Now the fascinating FX Aid module family from Happy Nerding has granular synthesis.

Happy Nerding granular FX Aid

Granular Update

The FX Aid modules are fantastic stereo FX modules packed with algorithms. Here you will find many different reverbs, delays, chorus, or distortions— also modulators or complete drum synths based on the 808 and 909.

Now with the new release, the FX Aid family adds five granular algorithms with different parameters (gate, time, scan), including:

  • grain 1x
  • grain 1x stereo
  • freain 2x grain
  • grain 4x
  • grain 8x

First Impression

I’ve been waiting for this expansion of the FX Aid Module. Granular is one of my favorite synthesis/processors and now, I can use it only very easily in Eurorack. Excellent new algorithms, Thanks Igor.

The new algorithms for the Happy Nerding Fx Aid are available now as a free addition from the respective editors. The modules are available now: FX Aid for 199€, FX Aid XL 245€, and FX Aid Pro is 340€.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

Happy Nerding modules are available at my partner


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  1. The FX Aid Pro Editor seems to be pc/Mac only- am I correct? If so, this will leave me stuck with the bank the module shipped with. Any plans for an iOS-based editor do you suppose?

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