Superbooth 2018: Birdkids Announced CROW Intelligence – New Generative Hardware Interface For Modular Setups

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Need more CROW ?

Your setup demands more? No problem – additional CV output is provided via the optional CROW XO expansion modules (8hp) which allow in sum for up to sixteen high-precision outs and sixteen binary outs – that’s twenty scalable 16-bit CV outs and twenty binary outs in total including the main CROW Intelligence module.

Simply plug your CROW XO expander anywhere in your rack and connect one of the CROW Intelligence dedicated Group outs (A to D) via a standard Cat-5 cable. The CROW XO will additionally offload and automatically distribute processing power across the “ birdnest” bus.

CROW Intelligence [Teaser Trailer]

Perform. Control. Feel.CROW Intelligence.May, 2018#somethingwickedthiswaycomes #crowintelligence #birdkids #perform #control #feel #superbooth2018More TBA soon via:—-legal info of used footage.UAV footage sourced through following chanels under CC Licence provided by channel owner as listed below.Gothamist: OLIVARES:

Gepostet von birdkids am Sonntag, 29. April 2018


Will we already see a working version in action on SuperBooth or is it too early?

We will indeed, excited about that!!

Any idea about the release and possible price point?

We’re aiming for a first batch release in Q4 2018 with a pre-order possibility via a reliable direct CROWd sourcing channel 🙂 Pricing will be announced very soon.

Thanks Mike for this little interview!

More information here: Birdkids 

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