Superbooth 2018: Birdkids Announced CROW Intelligence – New Generative Hardware Interface For Modular Setups

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CROW Intelligence comes with a built-in server running a node based patch editor (titled “ birdnest” ). The patch editor can be accessed directly from a browser of your choice on a device of your choice (PC/MAC, iOS, Android etc..). A patch can be parametrically built from scratch and instantly saved to internal memory for later recall. Of course any patch can be recalled standalone on the device directly. Create at your convenience, control smoothly and surely.


On a blank patch canvas simply start by drag-and-dropping from a multitude of generative sources (called “Functions”), apply any mathematical and logical operations (called “Operators”) then route to a node or output of your choice. Of course any number of parameters and variables can be assigned to an encoder and/or toggle button on the tactile Interface and labeled accordingly for clear identification on the LCD Display. Start simple, get as complex as you like. Save and recall any patch instantaneously. Let CROW Intelligence do the math.



The Crow Intelligence comes with a patch editor. In recent years, there have been such ideas that went in the same direction. Often projects did not end so well for customers as the patch editor was not maintained by the developers (Nord Modular…)  Have you found a solution for this so you can use it in the next 10 years also?


“We think that most attempts of that sort usually break under the weight of the inherent complexity and ambitions of the dedicated software, they’re simply too heavy to maintain, too closed-source and too specific in their functionality. We choose a different path: the path of simplifying the very nature of understanding how a device functions as opposed to closed-source black-boxes.


“In another words* we want the Performer to understand how to build their patch from scratch using elementary components.  This way a sequencer becomes just a series of logical demultiplexers as opposed to some feared entity.  We keep it very simple, ultimately transparent and very light maintenance, and of course in the nearest future as open source as possible.”  *”Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”


As I understand the idea, it tries to combine certain functions (LFO,  envelopes, Sequencer… ) into one module. Which functions are planned for the launch of the module? 


“Adding on to the notion of simplicity we differentiate between “Functions” and “Operators” in the CROW IntelligenceFunctions can be LFO’s, S/H, noise sources, pulses, etc, etc. Parameters can encompass anything from simple math like addition, multiplication to logic operations and so on.”


To have a practical example: how many functions musicians can run at the same time without switching a patch? 


“How about 20 sequencers? But let’s not confuse outputs with functions 😉  Let’s put it like that, you wont be needing any modulation sources, clocks, operators, MIDI-to-CV converters or anything of that sort in your rack other than the CROW Intelligence anytime soon.”


Today we live in a digital world where every moment is shared in text, picture or video. Does Crow Intelligence follow this principle? Can you export and make patches files available to your community like I can use now a monster patch from my favourite modular artist.


Absolutely. As a matter of fact we’ll be relaunching our website with a big focus on community very soon, meaning people will be able to exchange patches and ideas in a very straightforward manner.




The principal motivation at birdkids is to enable the Artist and the Arts. Ultimately we see us as enabling those who have the spark, those who go the extra mile for something remarkable – aspiring to witness a miracle, those who dare to dream and in turn inspire us to dream.


It’s about simplifying the process of capturing THE MOMENT . Achieving full potential is not a magic formula, it requires the right environment, the right mindset and the right tools – and our role is to provide those tools .


With that in mind our goal was to develop the centerpiece, the brain of your performance setup. And in turn to declutter the working environment. CROW Intelligence will provide all the generative modulation and parametric control needed for virtually any setup. Just B.Y.O sound-sources, we’ve got the rest covered!