Superbooth 24: RYK Modular Algo, hands-on stereo quad complex FM oscillator module

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Superbooth 24: RYK Modular has released Algo, a new stereo quad complex FM oscillator module with unique algorithm visuals and hands-on control.

FM synthesis has a bad reputation in the Synthesizer world. It is considered complicated and unintuitive. Yes, a DX-7 has a lot to do with it. In recent years, however, there have been good steps towards a more hands-on FM world. See Korg opsix and various plugins.

For Superbooth 24, RYK Modul has unveiled a new stereo complex oscillator based on classic FM synthesis. Also with operators and modulators but very simple implemented.

Ryk Modular Algo

RYK Modular Algo

Algo is a new stereo complex oscillator with a unique design. The module combines FM synthesis with the power of a complex oscillator to create complex FM and additive soundscapes.

The core consists of four through zero oscillators, each with pitch/frequency and volume control. Just like you know from classic FM synths. Handy, you have harmonic intervals, fine-tune, or fixed frequency options for each oscillator.

Powerful is the ability to configure these oscillators in series or parallel combinations and work with additional shaping options

Nine different algorithms are available to marry the oscillator/operators with each other. Algo has a unique, lovely retro futuristic-style display that indicates the signal flow from one oscillator to another. That makes FM synthesis easy to understand.

In the normal state, all four oscillators generate sine waves and thus generate classic FM sounds. However, you can leave this sonic realm. Thanks to the wave warp control, you can bend things through triangle to pulse wave and back again. Wave Warp can be applied to carrier, modulator, or both oscillator types.

FM Tone Shaping

Not enough shaping? Then, you can work with three rich flavors of wave folding: symmetric, asymmetric, and soft clip, taking your sounds into complex fields. There is also a global detune spread control with CV control for drony sounds.

Further, you can work with a stereo chorus to add vivacious 1980s shimmer to all your FM creations. On the connection side, it has a V/oct input, CV control over the warp, fold, and detune, cross mod input, individual oscillator mod inputs, stereo ouptut, and more.

First Impression

A very nice module that makes FM synthesis easy even in Eurorack. I find the combination of classic FM and complex oscillator very tempting.

RYK Modular will be at Superbooth 24 at booth Z145 and Algo is available now for $449,99/389€. 

More information here: RYK Modular 

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