Overloud Released EQ550 Plugin & Gives Away 1000 Licences/Day For FREE

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Overloud has published today the EQ550, a new GEMS effect plugin that emulates a best-known American EQ created with custom op-amps, the API 550. The plugin includes all the same features as the original hardware but also some cool new functionalities. With an additional band cue, users of the plugin can hear the part of the frequency spectrum that is being affected by that band, a continuous frequency selection to select all the intermediate frequencies as well as an additional mid band.

One reason why you should not miss this release: until March 18th, Overloud is giving away 1,000 licenses for free each day to registered Overloud users. A registration is available for free.


It has a Proportional-Q design, meaning that the bandwidth of the filters becomes narrow when the gain of the filter increases. For low gain settings the EQ delivers a smoother tone: its character becomes more and more aggressive when the bands gain band is raised. This design makes the EQ550 unique.

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of the original Proportional Q equalizer, thanks to the 4th generation DSP technology.
  • 5 bands eq: 2 shelving/peaking, 2 peaking, 1 bandpass.
  • Individual band Cue.
  • Continuous frequency selection.
  • Simulation of all transformers in the original unit.
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina.
  • Multilevel undo-redo.
  • A/B Comparison.
  • Lots of presets designed in real mixing sessions.
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel.

EQ550 is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), priced at $139 USD. Until March 18th, Overloud is giving away 1,000 licenses for free each day to registered Overloud users. Registration is free of charge.

More information here: Overloud 

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