FAC Transient Is The First Transient Designer App For iOS With AUv3 Support

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There are tons of iOS music apps on the iTunes store. From Synthesizers, drum machines, various effects processors to mixing/mastering tools. Something has long been missing on the iOS music app market, and has been requested by many, a simple transient designer. A utility product that is currently in the plugin world (VST/AU/AAX) in various executions available but not for iOS.

Fred Anton Corvest has now fulfilled this wish of the iOS users with his latest app FAC Transient. It’s a new dynamic processor that provides control over attacks and sustain stages of your instruments. Especially, musicians who like to work a lot with drums in their music production will be pleased by FAC Transient because this new application can enhance/refine theses sounds a lot.


FAC Transient as is suggested by the name is an outstanding dynamics processor providing precise design and control of the attack and sustain stages of your instruments. Transient designers or shapers are often associated with drum enhancements and only the best of them are versatile enough to suit most of the scenarios. Of course, you know that FAC takes pride in ensuring versatility in its product line, providing subtle to drastic changes. FAC Transient is no exception to the rule!

To meet this objective and to be ready for all the situations: drums, guitars, bass, vocal and much more. FAC Transient includes, in addition to the classic amplification or attenuation of the attack and sustain portion of your instrument, a fine control of the detection circuit involved in the processing.

Without going into technical details, there are three envelopes built from their respective detection circuits. The first one is the contour of the input signal, this includes similar processing available in Maxima and brings you control of the treshold, time and detector algorithm. The second and third one define the contour of the attack and sustain portions and brings you a total control of the depth and duration of each stage.

FAC Transient gives you all you need to design the shape of your instruments and provides them the place they deserve in your mix.

All Essential Parameters On A Easy To Use Interface

The interface is FAC Transient is designed straightforward and includes a good amount of parameters to tweak your sounds:

  • Input gain up to 15dB
  • Main contour with threshold, time and detector algorithm (slow and fast)
  • Attack designer with depth and time
  • Sustain designer with dept  and time
  • Output dry/wet signal, gain, VU Meter for the Stereo input & output and bypass
Sound Test Room

Doug from the Sound Test Room tested it already on his YouTube channel.

FAC Transient with AUv3 support is now available for $8.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

Available here: FAC Transient 

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