Two free BPB plugins: BPB 64 Commodore 64 Synth & Dirty Filter Plus

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BPB has published two new free plugins: BPB 64, a Commodore 64-style synth, and Dirty Filter Plus a filter/ distortion comb

There was something else or two that I would like to share with you before Christmas evening. My good colleague Tomislav from Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB), with whom I spent a few NAMM shows and Superbooth, released two nice free plugins at the end of the year.

A new sample-based vintage-inspired Synthesizer and a characterful effects plugin. Both for free and free of newsletter subscriptions or other annoying conditions.

BPB 64

BPB 64

BPB 64 is a free sample-based Synthesizer plugin that captures the sounds of the legendary Commodore 64 home computer and brings it to your DAW. According to the developers, they sampled raw the sounds straight from three different Commodore 64 units powered by different SID chips.  This allowed them to retain the iconic tonal charm (grit, lo-fi, dirty…) of the original sound

As a reminder, the original Commodore 64 is a monophonic hybrid Synthesizer featuring digital aliasing oscillators with an analog filter.

Tomislav says that they used the MSSIAH cartridge, allowing them to program the patches and trigger the Commodores 64 units with MIDI gear. BPB 64 includes 37 multi-sampled patches, covering a wider range of dirty, characterful sounds. You get basses, leads, pads, super fast arpeggios, and more.

However, they didn’t just leave it at sampling. They have developed a new engine for the synth plugin with which you can further process the sounds. It has a built-in lowpass filter with modulation, ADSR envelope, and multi-effects processor with delay, reverb, chorus, and distortion. Then, there is also a pan and volume.

Looks like a very nice free synth with many characterful sounds.

Dirty Filter Plus

At the end of November, Bedroom Producers Blog (BPB) published the Dirty Filter Plus plugin. As the name suggests, this is a free filter plugin that comes with a distortion unit. It’s based on the original Dirty Filter filter concept but takes it a few steps further.

It features four distinct modes: original (A) takes to the original BPB Dirty Filter with the same tube-style distortion great for subtle but also aggressive tube-style saturation, aggressive distortion, and sheer sonic destruction.

Mode B uses an “acid” 303 oriented characteristic and corrodes the signal in an aggressive yet musical way, creating entirely new textures. Mode C (dust) is a subtle distortion that adds a thick layer of dust for an instant lo-fi sound. Lastly, we have mode D, aka cyber, which reduce the bit depth and sampling, resulting in nice bit-crushed sounds.

BPB Dirty Filter Plus

Further, it comes with a new highly transparent compressor with auto-gain compensation. It brings out the finer details in your recordings while gently increasing the overall loudness.

It is also pretty neat that it now has a freely resizable GUI and various enhancements on the engine side.

Looks like a very exciting free filter plugin. Especially if you want to give simple sounds more spice and fire. Don’t miss them.

The new BPB plugins BPB 64 and Dirty Filter Plus are available now as a free download. They run as a 64-bit VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Bedroom Producers Blog 

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