Spitfire Audio LABS Lap Steel, Guitar Harmonics & Arctic Swells, 3 Free Beautiful Expansions

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Spitfire Audio has expanded its LABS free virtual instrument with three unique, lovely-sounding expansions: Lap Steel, Guitar Harmonics & Arctic Swells. 

I have to admit: I often forget to report on certain new releases. This happens to me a lot at the great free virtual instrument Labs from Spitfire Audio Labs. Every time very own, special and nothing that you already have. A big focus is here on sound design.

The developers publish new extensions so often that I often lose track of what I have already covered or not. In this article, I go back to the last three additions.

Spitfire LABS Lap Steel

Spitfire Audio LABS Lap Steel

Starting with the most recent library that bears the name Lap Steel and is performed & record by the composer Hapal Mudhar. It features inspiring textures and plucks from a sampled vintage lap steel guitar run through beautiful delays and reverbs. This takes the instrument beyond its traditional country and bluegrass leaning. With a sound fit for the widescreen, Lap Steel can be used alongside organic and electronic elements as an interesting alternative to the guitar.

You can adjust the sounds with three parameters. Not the deepest sound design functionalities but good enough. They fit perfectly in soundtracks but also ambient music productions.

Spitfire Audio LABS Guitar Harmonics

It’s time for the guitar. In late November, Spitfire Audio published LABS Guitar Harmonics, a virtual instrument that features a selection of plucks, looped tails, and warps created from guitar harmonics. Leo Wyatt, the developer of this library used his trusty Epiphone EJ200 for it. This expansion is nice for both electronic music production but also indie scores.

Spitfire Audio LABS Arctic Swells

Last but not least, we have LABS Arctic Swells, a virtual instrument that blends a violin and handmade Native American flute. Musician and sound maker Jon Meyer has created this unique hybrid instrument using the Neumann KM84s and Coles 4038s for a close sound. The result is icy, undulating swells and decays, with pitched-down samples creating low, sustained drones.

Three very inspiring expansions in my opinion. Lots of very special sounds that you won’t find in any bread and butter library. Don’t miss these sounds, I can only recommend them over and over again.

The new Spitfire Audio LABS Lap Steel… libraries are a free download for the Spitfire Audio App, which is also free (VST/AU/AAX).

More information: Spitfire Audio

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