Numerical Audio iTALIZER Synthesizer Review – An iOS Sound Design App For Special Effects

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If you look at the iOS market, there are many virtual analog Synthesizers that are especially in the area of bass, leads and pads at home. But there are instruments that are very special and helps per example in designing special effects. One of these more special iOS Synthesizers is iTALIZER by the German developer team Numerical Audio.

iTALIZER is a dub siren Synthesizer that has a simple synthesis structure: 1 oscillator with 5 waveforms (sine, saw, square, triangle and noise), a lowpass filter, 2x LFO’s and a tape echo emulation.

The Control Is Part Of The Sound Design Process.

Control over the iTALIZER Synthesizer is not made via a classic keyboard but via an internal XY pad. The X and Y can be mapped here to different parameters of the engine. With a few simple swipes to the top, bottom, left or right, you can create fast crazy sound effects for your music production. Also clever is that you can loop your sounds directly in the engine that opens more possibilities to interact with the app


The app will make the iOS community happy. It has an AUv3 version that allows musicians to use this app in multiple instances. Also it has AudioBus3, Ableton Link, MIDI support, Inter-App-Audio as well as a sync function. Also cool is that you have an AUv3 instrument version as well as a AUv3 effect version that features the tape echo. So you have two things in one app: a Synthesizer and a tape echo effect app.

Live Performance Synthesizer

The developer team has developed the Synthesizer primarily as a live performance instrument for dub sounds. For example, if you play live or jam with your instrument, the iTALIZER can be used as a small powerful add-on that can easily create transitions or sweeps for your tracks. This can be seen very nicely in the video below.

How Does It Sound?

Musicians who are looking for classic Synthesizer sounds are wrong here. Since the engine of iTALIZER doesn’t have envelopes, classic oriented sounds are not possible here. What the app on the other hand can do are crazy sound effects, drones, sweeps and more.

If you want to create new sounds, here are both LFO’s very interesting sound design tools. Since these go fast in the FM range, extraordinary sounds are very easy to achieve. It’s also fun to play around with the excellent tape echo emulation. Here you can put sounds into chaos very quickly


In conclusion, I can say that iTALIZER is an interesting iOS Synthesizer with a different concept. It’s an AUv3 instrument that doesn’t try to emulate a specific hardware synth from the past but brings some new impulses to the iOS synth market.

+ interesting concept for an iOS Synthesizer

+ straightforward interface design

+ great tool for creating FX, transitions, drones and crazy sounds

+ AUv3 version for the instrument & tape echo

+/-  feature request: reverb or other effects

– $10 USD is a bit high for synth one sound purpose

Available here: Numerical Audio iTALIZER 

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