Elektron Has Simplified The Sample Transfer Of The Digitakt & Analog Rytm MKII

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The Elektron Digitakt as well as the new Analog Rytm MKII are two interesting instruments which each have sample functions. But it was a bit awkward to load / backup samples into/from this devices. To simply this, Elektron has developed the Transfer application (released in 2017)  further and make it compatible with the Digitakt and Analog Rytm MKII

What Elektron Has To Say About Transfer

Transfer is an application for Mac OS and Windows, facilitating sample transfer to and from your Transfer-compatible Elektron device.

Transfer 1.1.0 supports the following computer operating systems.

  • 64 bit Apple computer with macOS 10.9 or higher (10.13 recommended). 32 bit architectures not supported.
  • PC with Windows 7 SP1 or higher (Windows 10 recommended).
  • At least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Intel Core i5 CPU or higher.
List of changes in 1.0.0 to 1.10 


  • Added Explore page, where device file system can be browsed side-by-side with the computer file system in a two-column layout.
  • Bi-directional sample transfers now supported, meaning sample files can be transferred also from device to computer (for backup purposes).
  • Device files and folders can now be renamed and deleted from Transfer. Deletion of non-empty folders is also supported.
  • Transfer can now be connected to multiple devices simultaneously, for device-to-device transfers (using the Explore page).
  • Transfers are faster.
  • UI polished for improved clarity and usability.

Bug fixes

  • When dropping folders and zip files onto Transfer, only .wav files would be added to transfer list.
  • Other supported file types such as .aiff would be ignored.
  • Transfer jobs would sometimes stop prematurely.
  • CPU usage was very high in certain states.

More information here: Elektron Transfer

Available here: Elektron 


  1. The Digitakt is such a beautifully built machine, beautiful sounding, and yet the process of doing even the simplest things on it is so counterintuitive, frustrating, stubborn, and 100% designed around horribly executed menu diving that it just fails to engage the user every time out…especially if you have left it alone for even a few days. Project settings, like track volumes, sequencing configuration, seem to change almost at will. It is the one device I own that I want to love working with, but I am done with fighting with it just to make some credible sequences to record. It looks and feels the deal, but is an absolute ergonomic disaster.

  2. I had to reflect a little on my struggles with it yesterday, and learn a little patience with the thing. As much as I sometimes want to throw it out the window, I am not going to give up on it, and it does reward patience. It is not an ergonomic disaster, but when it confuses me, I become that when working with it. If I didn’t think it had such great potential and fantastic sound, I would have already sold it…I am hanging on after a good session with it. Sorry for the rant!

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