This 6€ MIDI Editor Integrates The Roland Boutique TR-08 Into Your DAW

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If you are in possession of a Roland Boutique Synthesizer or drum machine, you obviously want to record this device in your DAW. This can be either done with a classic audio output or directly via the USB port. If you go a step further and you want to have access to the parameters of the devices in your DAW, you will find little on the Rolands’ website. Third party developers like Momo Müller have recently released very affordable and practical MIDI editor plugins for the boutique range.

Today, he has expanded the range of MIDI editors for the Roland Boutique series with a new TR-08 editor that gives full access to all controllers directly in your favourite DAW.

Control Your TR-08 In Your DAW

With the new Momo Müller TR-08 editor, parameters can be automated and stored in own projects. An additional X-Y-Pad allows you to select and control any parameter from the drum machine.

Hidden parameters: “Tune”,”Comp” for BD and SD, „Decay” for RS, Clap, CB, Tom and CY and “Tune” for RS, CB, OH, Clap and CH , can be changed on the “TR-08 Midi Edtior”, which are not present on the TR-08 surface. Sounds can be saved as VST preset.

The Momo Müller TR-08 Editor is now available for VST/AU and Standalone for 5.90€

More information here: TR-08 Editor

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