LEAK: new compact Strymon pedals with a sixth knob and MIDI

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According to a leak, Strymon will soon announce updates for its compact pedals blueSky, FLINT, DIG, El Capistan, Lex, and Deco with MIDI and a sixth knob.

Strymon is not only a very popular effects pedal brand among guitarists. Synthesizer players and electronic musicians also love the algorithms of  US-based pedal manufacturers.

And we can be happy. The compact Strymon pedals will soon get a hardware upgrade.

Leak Strymon pedals

New Compact Strymon Pedals

According to a new leak that happened on YouTube yesterday, 6 new compact Strymon pedals will be released soon. They are not all-new pedals but major updates for the compact series that has been around for a long time.

Besides TRS-MIDI support, the new pedals will benefit from a sixth parameter on the pedal, except Flint the pedal stays at 5. The leak says that we get an update for the blueSky, Flint, DIG, El Capistan, Lex, and Deco. Let’s dive deeper in these leaked pictures.

blueSky is an epic-sounding reverb pedal that is based on the big Big Sky. It comes again with three modes and types that are available via two switches. New is a shimmer knob that let you control it directly from the hardware.

FLINT remains a combo pedals with reverb and tremolo. It features again three vintage reverb modes ( 60’s, 70’s, 80’s) and three unique tremolo types. You get a Photo Tremolo (65’Style), Tube Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo photo. The sixth parameter is missing here, so you get only TRS-MIDI support.

DIG is a dual delay with an analog signal path for the dry signal. You can choose between three different types (ADM, 12-bit, and 24/96) and each delay can be controlled independently with a mixer and time controls. The new additional knob controls here the tone of the deals.

Leak strymon pedals
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Then, El Capistan is a recreation of a tape echo with time, mix, tape age, repeat, wow & flutter controls. There are also footswitches for tap tempo and bypass. The new version comes with a new spring knob.

Lex is an emulation of a rotary speaker with controls for the rotor speed, preamp drive, mic distance, and horn level. Here you will benefit from two new hardware controls: volume and dry.

Lastly, the DECO pedal will also get a hardware upgrade. DECO is a tape saturation & double tracker that is capable to create a wide range of tape effects including saturation, echo, chorus, and flanger. It has controls for the saturation, volume, blend, lag time, and wobble. The new version adds a tone knob that lets you shape the character of the effect.


Whether there will be more new features is not known. Currently, there are only leaks, when the new Strymon pedals will come is not known. But certainly soon. Availability and price: TBA.

More information will follow here: Strymon

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