AudioThing Frostbite Plugin Review – Atmospheric Sounds With A Touch Of Distortion

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Winter Time is the season where the cold and the snow are programs. But there is the possibility to easily bring this cold atmosphere into every audio file. AudioThing has released with Frostbite a unique effect plugin that allows you to create very unique and extraordinary soundscapes.

3 Effects Form Frostbite

Frostbite is a multi-effect plugin that consists of three different effect modules: ring modular, feedback and freeze modules. These three areas form the basic building block of the plugin and are responsible for the sound character. The ring modulator multiplies here you audio input with a sine wave that can be additional shaped by a high-end and low-pass filter. The feedback module is a delay function with up to 200 samples which can be modulated by a simple LFO. Freeze is a freeze effect that freeze every audio input up to 25 seconds.

Each of three effects comes with four different parameters, which makes it easy to shape the sound to your liking. On the right of the of the interface, you have also a very handy sliders for the wet and dry amount.

A Flexible Routing System

Ring modulator, feedback and freeze modules form the backbone of Frostbite. One of the most exciting points of this plugin is the flexible design of the engine and of the interface. The signal flow can be described here as near modular because you can change the routing of the effects without any hassle. Here you can switch very easily between 6 different variations in the interface.

Very worthwhile is here that musicians or sound designers are not limited to a strict signal flow. With a simple click, you can activate/desactivate individual effect modules and use them per example independently. This invite you in a very straightforward way to try out the different possibilities. The simple switching feature (A to F) of the signal path is also very handy here to quickly get new sound ideas.

The Random Functionality Proves To Be The Source Of New Ideas Here

Plugins developed with a sound designer background often provide a large playground for infinite possibilities. Especially functions like randomization or modulation are always very welcome here. Frostbite also has a random function in the upper third that has proven to be golden. Every click a hit? No not every randomization process in Frostbite yields a perfect result. If a click was not so good, you can also use this sound as a good starting point to design new patches. In the test phase, the plugin show that only small changes to this results can make big differences. Personally I was enthusiastic about this feature because they spontaneously gave me exciting new sounds.

A Unique Cold Character

Frostbite by AudioThing proved in the test phase that it’s possible to create very special, unusual textures and soundscapes. Exciting is here that you don’t need to use big epic sounds as input signal but a simple is also enough to create very interesting new sounds.Especially the ring modular shines here and brings something special into every creation. From dirty, harsh textures to very smooth distorted shades, Frostbite’s ring modulator has the special extra in every creation.

Would you rather dive into the atmospheric sound worlds, than you should deactivate the ring modulator and use only the Freeze and Feedback section. Especially the freeze section with up to 25 seconds of freezing allows you to create very deep soundscapes in seconds from every sound signal. When all three modules are in use, the sounds range from aggressive basses, textures with a touch of distortion to shiny atmospheric drones.

Final Verdict

For a manufacturer’s suggest retail price of 35€, the plugin offers a lot of amazing sound possibilities and gives you a lot of playroom in your sound dreams.  Frostbite is a not a classic effect plugin but more an easy-to-use sound design tool for every music knowledge level. It work perfectly in combination with field recordings, guitar tracks, Synthesizer sounds and much more. If you search a plugin than can produce versatile soundscapes very quick, you should check out Frostbite by AudioThing. It’s a unique effect plugin at a very fair price.

AudioThing Frostbite is now available for 35€ for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

Available here: AudioThing Frostbite 

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