Cloudlab 200t V2 Released – A Stunning Buchla Based Modular Synthesizer For Reaktor 6

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A Buchla-like Synthesizer for Reaktor 6? Yes, there is one. A few months ago, I reported about the Cloudlab Synthesizer, a Reaktor ensemble  that is based on the famous Buchla instruments. Trevor Gavilan has developed with this instrument one of the best Reaktor 6 instruments ever released in my opinion. Not only the sound could convince in the test but also the great Buchla similar interface.

In the last month Trevor has further developed the instrument and published today version 2 of Cloudlab.  The new version comes with new features and improvements

This is not an official emulation by BEMI Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, Buchla and Associates or Eardrill. This ensemble has been created for fun having a Buchla resemblance and workflow for inspirational and educational purposes.

New In Version 2
  • Lemur MIDI Out: All parameters mapped to the Lemur template now send MIDI out so that the template responds in real time.
  • CPU: Although it is still heavy on the CPU I tried to make a few parameters more efficient so it remains a little bit more stable.
  • Ext. Clock: You’ll notice an External Clock Input showing up at the bottom of the Signal Menus so any gate in or clock in can be synchronized to your DAW.
  • 266t Chroniker will have a DAW clock output.
  • 266t Noise: Updated the noise sources to be -3 Pink, Flat (Buchlesque) and +3 White noise.
  • 227t Output interface & 248t Multiple Sequential Generator.
Sound Demo (v.1)

Sound Demo V.2

Cloudlab 200t V2 is now available for free for Reaktor 6 (full version) in the Native Instruments User Library. Please consider making a donation to support the development of this Reaktor 6 ensemble.

More information here: Cloudlab 200 V2

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