AKAI Pro announced L-Series Midi Controllers with Wireless Connection

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Personally from my experience with musicians, I think the wired versions of the L-series by AKAI are one of most sold portable midi controllers in the world. This is due of the price. They cost not a lot and has a lot of feature like the arpeggiator for the keyboard. Now I’m happy to see that AKAI announced this controllers as wireless edition with a relook designed. They look familiar but more modern. Just price is now higher than on the traditional L-Series. Costing more or less than than 99 USD per controller. They are also compatible with the iMPC Pro iPad app. 

Akai are introducing the user to a whole new level of professional production with the LPK25 and LPD8 Wireless MIDI controllers.
Measuring under 13″ and weighing only 1lbs, the LPD8 Wireless fuses core beat-production functionality with an exceptionally portable frame, easily capable of fitting into any laptop case, backpack or messenger bag. Featuring infallible bluetooth with a range of up to 30 metres, the LPD8 puts the power in the mobile producers hands, giving them the ability to operate unrestricted both creatively and physically.
With a innumerable amount of premium tools that enable professional performance, the LPD8 Wireless features 2 banks of 8 back lit MPC-Style pads ideal for triggering one-shots, loops, melodics, bass-lines and more. In addition to these features the LPD8 also features a velocity-sensitive specification which enables it to authentically capture every subtlety and nuance of your performance.
Similarly to the LPD8 the LPK25 measures under 15″ and weighs little over 1lb and features an incredible 30 metre Bluetooth range. Fusing core keyboard functionality with a portable and diverse footprint, the LPK25 allows for an incredible natural and expressive performance. The LPK25 Wireless features 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard synth-action keys, expandable to the full melodic range through the utilization of dedicated Octave Up and Octave Down Buttons making an extremely piece of equipment that can answer to the even the most deliberating of musicians.

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