LoveOne released Vibro Wavetable Synthesizer for Reason Rack Extension

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A new Synthesizer for Reason is available. If you love subtractive / additive Synthesizers, maybe it’s something for your Reason Rack.

Vibro’s hybrid additive/subtractive synthesis allows you to fine-tune the sound down to single harmonic partials. Its four oscillators can sweep across four wavetables each to create evolving timbres. And there’s also a flexible modulation matrix, two filters that can be configured in parallel or series, and a set of delay, chorus, and reverb effects. But if you can’t be bothered with the technical stuff, just switch to the built-in patch mutator and let Vibro create surprising and delightful patches for you!
  • 64 built-in wavetables
  • Harmonic partial editor for designing custom wavetables
  • 4 oscillators that can each sweep across up to 4 wavetable slots
  • 8 LFOs (4 free-running, 4 per-voice)
  • 2 multi-mode filters
  • Stereo delay
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • Patch mutator/randomizer
More Informations here:
The videos are not the best because they don’t show perfectly how the sound is. 

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