J.F. Sebastian Is Reborn As An AI Powered Open-Source Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer Editor

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J.F. Sebastian known as a genetic designer of the Tyrell Corporation is back as an open-source Synthesizer editor for the Deckard’s Dream

The Blade Runner inspired product names do not tear off. After Deckard & Rachael, J.F. Sebastian is back who became known as a former genetic designer of the Tyrell Corporation. J.F. Sebastian is an open-source editor for the Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream but that’s not all.

It uses machine learning to analyze Deckard’s Dream bank files and to construct a colorful timbre space that you can use to create new presets. Instead of moving sliders, just click anywhere in the timbre space and experiment on how the sound changes. It is a kind of morphing which changes several parameters at the same time.

J.F. Sebastian Deckard's Dream Editor

Want to sound like old CS80 classics? Thanks to the work by Paul Shilling, J.F. Sebastian includes a clone of the original presetting system found.

Plus, it offers all the functionalities of a classic Synthesizer editor: parameter automation, modulate parameters or load and saving banks & voice files. Another cool function is a randomizer.

J.F. Sebastian is free and open source. It is available now as a macOS and Windows plugin (VST3, AU) or as a standalone application.

More information here: Rita and Aurora 

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