Variable Oscillations Snid Is A New Patchable Experimental Synthesizer

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Variable Oscillations Snid is a new compact, patchable experimental Synthesizer with a sine wave oscillator and clock divider core. 

At I found a new little experimental Synthesizer from an indie developer. The look reminds me a bit of the design language of Bastl Instruments. Variable Oscillations is the name of the developer and the small Synthesizer bears the name Snid.

Snid core is based on a sine wave, a versatile clock divider, and a wave oscillator. It’s patchable with mini-cables and the look reminds me of a bit of the design language of Bastl Instruments.

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I can not say much about the synthesis, because the developer has shared only some bits about the concept of the Synthesizer. Snid offers a 3.5mm audio output, CV Gate in/out with a range from 0-5V+ and a 5V micro USB port for power.


It comes with a carrying bag, mini patch cables, manual/poster and other electronic components for the patch bay.

Variable Oscillations Snid is available now in a limited edition of 7 units each for $300 USD.  If you have questions, please contact the developer through mail, he is just in the process of setting up Etsy.

More information here: Variable Oscillations

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