Oberheim OB-X8 2.0, new firmware adds new filter, binaural mode, and more

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Oberheim OB-X8 2.0 is a new firmware update for its flagship polyphonic analog Synthesizer with a new filter, binaural mode, and more.

With the OB-X8 polysynth, Oberheim celebrated its big comeback as part of the Focusrite Group at Superbooth 22. A step that Sequential had taken some time before. More importantly, the new instruments are developed and released in collaboration with Tom Oberheim.

Two years after the release, Oberheim dropped a major firmware update 2.0 for it. It looks like today is the update day.

Oberheim OB-X8 2.0

Oberheim OB-X8 2.0

As a reminder, the OB-X8 is an 8-voice analog polyphonic instrument combining many vintage Oberheim release elements in a new flagship Synthesizer.

This includes the classic two SEM/OB-X lineage oscillators, six iconic filter modes (SEM, OB-X, OB-Xa, OB-X8…), two modeled (OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8) envelopes, and more.

The new Oberheim OB-X8 2.0 update brings some exciting new features. First, you can select simultaneous waveshapes in each oscillator for more complex timbral variations. Something that was not possible before. 

Then, you can explore a new 4-pole lowpass filter type that provides fuller, richer bass tones. Also, it is at higher resonance and better than ever before in an O, promises Oberheim.

“At Oberheim, we have always worked hard at finding clever ways to bring more useful features to our instruments,” says Tom Oberheim. “It’s unusual to add a new filter type and oscillator waveshapes to an analog synth via a software update, but our team is sharp and tenacious – always striving to bring genuine value to the discerning musicians who love our instruments.”

Oberheim OB-X8 2.0 firmware

Polychain, MPE…

Besides this, you can now apply independent LFO modulation for each VCO level, giving you more sonic possibilities. Next, the arpeggiator now has clock sync with selectable note division values. A feature that was expected from version 1.0. It’s late, but better now than never.

Another major new feature is the OB-X8’s all-new binaural mode, which allows you to create immersive sounds with rich stereo images. It pans individual voices hard left and right for true stereo operation.

Also, the memory location of the split and double sound got a boost. It now has twice of memory, including program storage directly in the new banks for 512 more stored sounds. In bi-timbral operation, it is now also possible to separate the MIDI channels for the lower and upper section in the split mode.

The new Oberheim OB-X8 2.0 firmware also unlocks the polychain functionality, allowing you to expand the polyphony up to 32 voices with four connected instruments.

Last but not least, and just as important, is the new MPE support, which gives you more expressive options.

First Impression

At first glance, it’s a neat 2.0 update for the Oberheim OB-X8. Some features were already wanted for the 1.0. It’s good to have them in the unit now. The additional lowpass filter is a lovely surprise. Great job. 

The Oberheim OB-X8 2.0 firmware is now available for free download for existing users of the keyboard and desktop versions. 

More information here: Oberheim

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  1. So, binaural mode is what’s called pan spread on the Sequential 6 series? Kind of a let down, as I had I right away came to think of stereo LFO and those kind of tricks. I guess the Dave Smith Tempest is “binaureal” as well, as it has indiviual outs per voice…

  2. This is lovely. My weekend is going to be quite fun installing and digesting this update. Thank you Oberheim!

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