Sensel Morph MPE Controller Integrates With Pure Data For Unlimited Control Options

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Sensel has expanded its creative, pressure & touch-sensitive MPE Morph controller with the integration of the API into the open-source Pure Data.

The API integration is a big step for the Sensel Morph controller but also for Pure Data (a software modular synthesizer kit in which instruments, effects, MIDI controllers, etc. can be built). Both make a good match because Pure Data is often used by experimental musicians on stage and the Sensel Morph Controller fits exactly in these setups.

Thanks to the API, users can configure the controller the way they want to use it. The new software provides easy access to all of the multi-touch pressure data from the Sensel Morph and that’s not a little: up to 16 contacts and 20 parameters per contact. Perfect for researchers, artists, and developers to create novel, expressive, accessible interfaces for sound, lighting, video, and 3D environments.

Sensel Morph Pure Data

The programming was led by the undergraduate student Rachel Hachem, a major in the new Creative Technologies in Music (CTM) program.

“The Linux Laptop Orchestra is continually exploring new interfaces for our ensemble, and for the research projects within the Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio. The Sensel Morph’s ability to implement any type of tap, stroke, press or punch into our rich programming environment is going to be a game changer,” says Dr. Bukvic.  “This opportunity is exactly what we had in mind when developing the CTM program: student work focused on applied, industry-relevant projects. Rachel’s work will serve as an important contribution to the Pure Data community, and a powerful inspiration for her peers.”

Student lead Rachel Hachem adds,

“In L2Ork, I am constantly seeing new ways to integrate music with technology through Purr Data. The Morph’s touch surface gives you an insane amount of data for every touch you make, so the opportunity to contribute to something new was an eye-opening experience. The work was challenging, and required me to apply and learn many different skills.”

Sensel Morph Overlays

Sensel Morph is based on numerous overlays that work like magic. Once put up, it sends out the specific data. Super simple for the normal musician, it becomes much more complex when musicians with programming skills take advantage of the new Pure Data integration. This opens up new, previously unknown creative possibilities for this versatile controller.

The Sensel Morph is available from the Sensel web store and retailers worldwide, starting at $249. To integrate the Sensel API as objects in PureData, visit our Github

More information here: Sensel

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