deadmau5 shows his new epic modular synth system

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deadmau5 shows his new modular synth system in a new post. It’s epic, but it doesn’t come close to Martin Gore’s monstrous wall yet.

Eurorack modules are like drugs. Once you start, you always want more. I always recommend starting small and then taking it step by step. I guarantee you it happens faster than you initially think. Martin Gore from Depeche Mode shows that it can be taken to extremes.

His studio is plastered with modules from various manufacturers. Canadian musician Joel Thomas Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, also has much to offer. In a new Facebook post, he shows his new monster cases.

deadmau5 modular synth

Well, I can’t feel my fingers anymore but it’s done! what an epic collab with @noizzihardwood this thing turned out perfect!

deadmau5 Modular Synth

The new system consists of three angled monster cases custom-made by NoizziHardwood, a made-to-order case builder from Georgia (US). All three cases contain modules from smaller and larger manufacturers.

If you look at the right system, it contains many semi-modular Eurorack voices from Moog, including two DFAMs, a Mother 32 and a Subharmonicon, as well as from Behringer: Neutron, Pro-1, and the K-2.

The lower third is dedicated to Emilie Gillet’s innovative work, Mutable Instruments. It includes two Braids macro oscillators, Clouds, Elements, and more. 

Deadmau5 also seems to be a big fan of Tony Rolando’s creation. Make Noise modules are scattered throughout the cases, especially the second case. There are also many high-end modules from Cwejman and MacBeth. 

It’s also nice to see that there are many modules from small brands like This Is Not Rocket Science, the ER-16 synth voice from Ensure Sound, or Error Instruments.

If you look at the linked videos that Joel published more than ten years ago, you’ll see that many modules have been added. Yes, the module addiction is still active.

The new deadmau5 modular synth system looks euro-epic, but it still doesn’t come close to Martin Gore’s famous monstrous module wall. He’s still young, and that can change quickly.

Source: deadmau5 Facebook

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  1. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s 168HP x 30U x 3, 5040 HP of modules. That’s only 9.76x the size of mine which I sometimes think is too much.

    It’s “only” 4 feet tall, I’d definitely want it sitting on some kind of stand. Sitting on the floor to get to Rene and Pressure Points doesn’t seem like a lot of fun.

    I want to see how he stores patch cables…

    • Each cabinet is exactly 54.27” in height, 35.4” wide, and depth is 18.2” from that front point. But the footprint is 14.8” as required to fit right into a nook being built for these in Joel’s studio. Each unit weighed about 73lb without modules. Powered by 4x Konstant Lab Hammer 100 PSUs for a total of 20A – distributed to 20 filtered bus boards.

  2. Jesus Christ, that’s crazy! Good to see it’s not only us mere mortals that buy Behringer synths though 😀

  3. Yeah nice work, took a wile I guess…but I can’t find no 2 HP mixer, mate.
    Without your Rack is as useful as a sequencer with no steps

    • the question: why not if you can afford to have so much tools? I think he has fun with them.

  4. That Neutron sticking out like the pimple chief along smaller zits on your back. Nice see this guy just use whatever he likes and is not gatekeeping synths.

  5. it is the biggest, it is the largest.
    it is the widest. Stereotypical western mentality. Thousands of dollars and hours of work later.
    Has null effect in production and creativity. Dust collector.

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