FlatSix Arp Of Darkness, new 1U arpeggiator with sequencer workflow

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FlatSix Arp of Darkness is a new 1U (Intellijel format) arpeggiator module for Eurorack with the workflow of a sequencer. 

Arpeggiators and sequencers are popular functions in synthesizers. As a reminder, an arpeggiator plays the notes you hold in a specific pattern, while a sequencer plays exactly what you program into it.

This makes sequencers more popular as they are more flexible and customizable. A new neat module from FlatSix Modular brings this flexibility and workflow to an arpeggiator module. 

Flatsix Arp Of Darkness

FlatSix Arp Of Darkness

The new Arp Of Dark is an arpeggiator module part of the Nocturne Alchemy platform, a flexible Eurorack module series that shares the same Arduino-based hardware.

Its benefit is that it allows you to flip functionalities through a web loader effortlessly. You can access a full range of freely available firmware by purchasing one module, including our current creations, Slight of Hand and Arp Of Darkness, and more in the future. It’s a bit like the Noise Engineering Modules. By 

Out of the box, the Flatsix Arp Of Dark is a simple 1U (Intellijel format) arpeggiator module (26HP) for Eurorack. Mounted in the rack, and the fun begins. But the core offers more than just classic arpeggiation. It utilizes a buffer approach similar to the popular Music Thing Modular Turing Machine or Shift Register. 

Flatsix Arp Of Darkness

AOD also offers another starting workflow. Instead of factory patterns, you can enter notes sequentially into a buffer of variable lengths (from 3 up to 16 notes) and play it back. For the latter, five playback modes are available, including forward, exclusive, ping-pong, inclusive ping-pong, and random.

Flatsix Arp Of Darkness can handle up to 4 octaves from C0 to C4. On the hardware side, you get a note switch for setting up the length, +/- octave buttons, a built-in button keyboard, clock input, and a calibrated 1V/oct CV output.

First Impression

First of all, it is a great catchy name for a module. Secondly, the Arp of Darkness looks like an enjoyable arpeggiator module that offers a different approach to great arpeggiate patterns. I miss, however, an internal quantizer.

FlatSix Arp Of Darkness is available now for 217,38€ + shipping from the US + taxes from its official Reverb store

More information here: Flat Six Modular

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