Support Endlesss founder Tim Exile and his family through their cancer crisis

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Support Endlesss founder and electronic musician Tim Exile and his family through their cancer crisis on GoFundMe.

As some of you may have already noticed, the collaborative music app and platform Endlesss has been discontinued. It’s a shame because the app brought musicians from all over the world together virtually to jam.

The reasons for this step were previously unknown. Now, there is clarification, and the news is serious and sad. 

Tim Exile

Tim Exile GoFundMe Page

Tim Shaw, aka Tim Exile, was diagnosed with cancer last year and is in treatment right now. Anna Shaw, his sister has started a GoFundMe campaign because there is not enough funding to finance the treatment and collapse of Endlesss.

According to the page, this step left him with no savings or income. Additionally, he has thousands of pounds in depth, which will take him years to pay off.

She shared this detailed info

Tim Exile and his family need urgent support as they recover from Tim’s cancer treatment and the knock-on collapse of Endlesss, the music software business he founded. This has left Tim and his family with no savings or income. Due to Tim’s recent major surgery it will be months before he is able to return to work. His partner cares full time for their twin daughters.
Tim’s symptoms started in March last year, 3 months after his twin daughters were born. He was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer in July and underwent two surgeries in the following months to remove tumours. Tim worked tirelessly and fearlessly throughout this rollercoaster to make sure Endlesss kept providing value to its community and an income for its team, alongside learning the ropes of being a father to twins.
In November, as his dad was taking his last breaths, he learned that the only chance of a cure was major surgery to remove his bladder, prostate and a section of bowel to create a urine conduit on his stomach. This procedure would take 6 months to fully recover from.
Knowing he’d be unable to work for so long after the surgery, he looked for a buyer to take over the business. He didn’t take a salary for 6 months and delayed his surgery date by 6 weeks to do this. With a buyer finally found, he went for surgery at the end of April. Devastatingly, the deal collapsed a couple of weeks later, forcing the company to be placed into liquidation.
Tim dedicated 7 years of his life and all his wealth to building Endlesss, serving a community which derived a huge amount of joy and connection from the platform. The collapse of the business has left him with no savings and no income as well as many thousands of pounds in debts which will take him years to pay off.
Tim is making progress but his recovery will take time. He’s getting used to a body that functions very differently and he recently had to be readmitted to hospital with complications from the surgery. This has all taken a big toll on his strength. Tim and his family need to meet their living costs while he recovers. Once his strength is back, the hard work to rebuild their life begins.
As Tim’s extended family and friends, we hope that some of the many hearts which his music, software and community-building have touched over the years can come together to help him and his family in this time of need. If anyone has the drive and optimism to rebuild from these ashes, it’s Tim. If anyone has the power to help him get there, it’s you.
We’re incredibly grateful for your kind and generous donations and your help in spreading the word of this campaign.
This is very sad news. Especially considering that he is currently struggling with two massive life-threatening situations: beating cancer and saving his life, and secondly getting back on his feet financially.

I invite you to help Tim Exile and his family. They appreciate every €/$/£ they receive to finance all this. Thanks a lot!  
More information here: GoFundMe


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