Omenie discontinues its iOS app portfolio (Mellotrons…) and free download for a limited time

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App developer Omenie discontinues its iOS app portfolio and offers all its apps (Streetlytron ’63, Player Organ, etc.) for a limited time as a free downloads.

Developers come, and others go. This is true in both the hardware and software industries. When they leave, the products are usually no longer continued with updates. This is now the case for the Omenie apps.

The developers were very early on the iOS market and made a name for themselves, but are now discontinuing their apps. 



Since June 1st, all the apps have been free. According to Omenie, they will discontinue apps and close their app storefront later this year. With this step, the developers will no longer publish updates for them.

This means the existing app catalog will not receive AUv3 versions or maintenance updates. They will only work until a newer iOS breaks them. If you want to use them forever, you should get an iPad or iPhone with a fixed iOS version and ignore updates. That way, you can keep the apps forever.

Eight apps are available as a free download:

  • pipistrelle (iPad/iPhone): this tool gives you a convenient and reliable method to set the real-time clock, device ID, deployment latitude and longitude, and wake and sleep times for the PIPPYG bat recorder and π•pistrelle bat detector, in the field, using just your phone
  • Pipe Organ (iPad/iPhone): organ simulation with 22 ranks of simulated pipes supported by a warm, lush reverb 
  • Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro (iPad/iPhone): virtual Mellotron instrument with 90 voices from  65 from Streetly Electronics’ Production Master tapes, from the classic MKI, MKII, M300, and M400.
  • Sopranotron 2 (iPad/iPhone): virtual operatic soprano instrument 
  • Mellotronics Streetlytron ’63: virtual Mellotron instrument with 65 voices from Streetly Electronics’ Production Master tapes, from the classic MKI, MKII, M300, and M400.
  • St Just in Roseland Organ: (iPad/iPhone) reproduction of the pipe organ using advanced wavetable trajectory synthesis.
  • Player Organ (iPhone): virtual player organ
  • Church Organ (macOS): virtual pipe organ emulation using Wavetable Trajectory Synthesis

It’s a shame that the app developer is stopping its activity. The Mellotron apps, in particular, were very popular with iOS musicians. In case you don’t have them yet, download them now. They are excellent virtual instruments. 

Omenie apps are available now as a free download. 

More information here: App Store

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  1. Would you please like to ask the company if they would like to open source the code? Thanks!

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