Oi, Grandad! is a new free, open-source granular Synthesizer plugin

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Oi, Grandad! is a new free, open-source granular Synthesizer plugin with four voices, each with a dedicated filter, amp envelope, and delay processor. 

The Synth Anatomy community is always happy to receive free plugins, even more so if it’s a new Synthesizer plugin. To start the month with great news, I have a new free granular synth plugin for you.

Unfortunately, currently only for macOS, but thanks to the open-source code, nothing stands in the way of a future Windows version.

Oi Grandad!

Oi, Grandad!

Oi, Grandad! is a new free 4-voice granular Synthesizer plugin. The core of the plugin is based on the open-source HISE development environment for sample-based instruments. Each voice hosts a .wav audio file with extensive granular controls for real-time manipulation. Including the position, grain, density, detune, spread, and pitch. Each of these parameters can be modulated with one of the modulators.

Then, each voice (4 in total) has a multimode filter with cutoff and resonance controls. There is also an amp with a dedicated ADSR volume envelope and delay processor per voice.

Modulation side, you get 12 modulation sequencers with different parameters allowing you to use it as an LFO or as a complex sequencing modulator. Furthermore, it has a drone button for instant, sustained soundscapes, and textures.


Looks like an interesting free granular synth plugin. One that is very clear and not overloaded with features.

Oi, Grandad! is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST/AU plugin on macOS. Since the plugin was developed with the HISE environment, there will not a big problem compiling a Windows version. So hope the developer will soon add a Win version.

More information here: GitHub 

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