Behringer Dual-Phase, Mu-Tron Bi-Phase clone/replica is available now

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Behringer has reintroduced and released its authentic clone/replica of the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase dual-phase shifter, newly named Dual Phase.

There will be no four new synthesizers from Behringer this month. But a new product is now available without pre-order: the Dual-Phase Mu-Tron Bi-Phase clone/replica. It’s now in stock at Thomann for 159€. (27/07/2023).


Article November 9th, 2022

Behringer’s mission is to bring all the well-known vintage electronic instruments back to the market as affordable clones/replicas. This includes famous old effects like the Roland Dimension D or mastering units, including the Urei 1176 limiter. They release them under the Behringer name or other Music Tribe brands like Klark Teknik or TC Electronic.

The latest vintage effect reproduction is called Dual Phase and is a clone/replica of the well-known Mu-Tron Bi-Phase dual phase shifter. Good news: it’s shipping!

Behringer Dual Phase

The Dual Phase is an authentic reproduction of the original Mu-Tron Bi-Phase consisting of two independent 6-stage phasor circuits and two sweep generators, aka oscillators. According to Behringer, it includes 12 optocouplers guaranteeing deep and natural phasing effects.

Each section consists of a phasor and a sweep generator. The phasor features depth and feedback controls, while the sweep generator gives you rate and shape (sine/square) controls. There is also an input switch that allows you to combine both phasors for richer, creative sound effects.

Then, it comes with a sweep and sync section that opens up the door for wider selection of modulation sources. You can set them to normal or reverse and sync them to gen 1, gen 2, or the CV input. Yes, the Dual Phase comes with a CV input for easy remote control with external devices. It is routable to the phasor 1 sweep and can control sweep generator 1 rate.

Connection side, you get a 6.3mm mono input and output on each side, allowing you to process signals in stereo. Besides this, it has a power supply input. It is included with the purchase. The circuit is housed in a rugged and reliable metal construction with two footswitches with true-bypass functionality.

Behringer Dual-Phase

Bi-Phase Became Dual Phase

Anyone who follows the music tech media closely have probably noticed that the Behringer Bi-Phase clone/replica has been on the market before. More precisely, in early 2022. But that was for a very, very short time because then the Bi-Phase was delisted from the Behringer website and retailers. As if the device had never existed.

Every now and then, units popped up on the second hand market, but at absurd prices of 300€+. Why this disappeared from the market is not known. The assumption is near that Mu-Tron, the original developers, had sued Behringer for its Bi-Phase clone. bec

Why this disappeared from the market is not known. The assumption is that Mu-Tron had sued the Behringer clone because they themselves have a reissue on the market called Bi-Phase. There are some demos of the banned version on YouTube.

Behringer promises the unit can generate dreamy Gilmour-esque soundscapes or super-trippy ring-modulator tones. There is also a new official demo and check the position 0:24, where you can hear the name Bi-Phase being replaced with Dual Phase.

At first glance, the pedal sounds very good, especially in combination with synthesizers. I think the effect suits musicians who want to generate wild, psychedelic sounds. Less for modern electronic music like EDM but more for Krautrock or ambient.

Behringer Dual Phase is available now for pre-order for $159 USD/149€ from retailers.

More information here: Behringer

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