Endorphin.es Introduced Grand Terminal Firmware V.2: New Freeze Effect, MS-20 Filter & More

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With the BLCK_NOIR, Endorphin.es recently teased its first black Eurorack module that will be presented for the first time at SuperBooth this week. In addition to this big news, the company maintains its current modules with regular updates.

Today, the developers have released the firmware update 2.0 for the Grand Terminal. It features a new interesting freeze effect that replace the previous chorus as well as a big update for the existing filters of the module. On the filter side, they introduced a new MS-20 style filter type as well as  improved the audio quality of all filters. These are now zero delay feedback filters. As usual, the new firmware is free of charge for existing users.

The Grand Terminal is a digital multipurpose module for ambitious sound designers. It contains two function generators, which can be used as envelopes, LFOs or VCOs, two filter channels with eight modes of operation, mixing and routing options as well as a multi effects unit. Considering this feature set, it is safe to say that the Grand Terminal is more than the sum of its parts. It is a complete synthesizer voice, which can also be used as a dual mono or stereo filter plus reverb, delay respectively chorus processor and modulators. Despite its high complexity, handling the unit is easy as pie. The sound is crystal clear and, thanks to all the filter types and effect algorithms, very versatile. Simply put it in your modular and take off! 

New In Firmware Update 2.0 

  • all zero delay feedback filters with audio improved quality and less noise at the output.
  • filter #1: 24 dB/oct low-pass transistor ladder zero delay feedback (ZDF) filter with resonance volume compensation.
  • filter #2: MS-20 zero delay feedback 12 dB/oct low-pass filter. That filter has very powerful resonance (be careful 🙂 and is now instead 18db/oct diode ladder.
  • filters #3-4: vactrol zero delay filters. Identical to stock vactrol ones but with zero-delay nature. #4 th filter has resonance volume damping to prevent clipping at high resonance level
  • filters #5-7: state variable zero delay feedback 12 dB/oct filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass). Hi-pass closes fully into high-frequency silence even with full resonance
  • filter #8: is unchanged – comb filter, since isn’t possible to have it with zero delay nature, however fixed 2 kHz noise in the audio output
  • volumes of all 8 filters are equalled (in power) when X is fully CW and Y is fully CCW
  • in secondary mode while choosing filter volume and panning: when panning crosses the exact center (equal of left and right channels), follow me green LED blinks –
  • when we switch from 8th effect to 1st – green LED blinks and from 4th to 5th – red one.
  • Effect #8: FREEZE effect (instead of previous chorus): when the tap is pressed (or fever CV gate is on), the audio is looped by the grain length of fever knob and by speed defined by pressure knob or pressure CV applied.

The new Grand Terminal Firmware 2.0 Update is now available from the Endorphin.es website and is free of charge.

More information here: Grand Terminal

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