THC Intros Nested Vector Analog Oscillator For Buchla Format

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THC intros Nested Vector Oscillator for the Buchla format featuring 4 analog oscillators paired with 4 joysticks for crazy live pitching & FM modulations. 

THC (The Human Comparator) from Sweden is known for boutique synthesizers from all areas. From classic synthesizers (TTSH Arp 2600 Clone), Buchla modules or the lovely Recursive Machine DIY battery-powered modular synth announced back in June.

His latest project is a new oscillator for the Buchla format called Nested Vector Oscillator. The core features 4 analog oscillator (sine, square, saw) each routed to a joystick which connects pitch on the x axis and FM modulation on the y axis. This technique is known as vector synthesis, however, the developer uses it differently than ususal. Instead of offering oscillator morphing (from a to b…), he offers these functions inside the pitch and FM.

7375 Nested Vector Oscillator

The exciting thing is certainly the four joysticks with which you can make very crazy vector experiments. As already mentioned, you can play with the pitch for each oscillator on the x axis (left to right). On the Y you can make FM on two different oscillators. For example, on oscillator A, you can make FM with OSC B if you turn up the joystick, down with oscillator C. And that goes on with the other oscillators.

You can also feed oscillator FM twice, with which very bizzare sounds are possible  (OSC A -> OSC C , OSC D -> C) for example. The joystick enables the user to actively intervene in a patch and play creatively with it. The module also includes a global keyboard input that can be selected for each oscillator.

Even if the oscillator is relatively simple: classic analog oscillators paired with joysticks and routed to FM and pitch, I love the idea and find it greatto see such a module. However, the Vector Fun in Buchla format is not cheap.

THC Nested Vector Analog Oscillator is avaiable for pre-order for 9998.75 kr (+/- 800€ + VAT).

More information here: THC 

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