TINRS Wobbler2, a mighty LFO and drum synth meeting in a module

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TINRS (This Is Not Rocket Science) Wobbler2 is a new mighty complex LFO and multi-type drum Synthesizer in a single module.

The Netherlands is a hotspot for the Eurorack synth community.. Not only many musicians are at home here (Colin Benders, Allert Aalders…) but also many developers. Among other things, Error Instruments, XOR, or This is Not Rocket Science.

The latter, who like to have very colorful booths at fairs like Superbooth, have now brought back a classic module of their portfolio. The Wobbler is back in version 2.

TINRS Wobbler2

TINRS Wobbler2

Wobbler2 (12HP) is a new advanced LFO & a drum synthesizer and is, according to TINRS, an upgrade to its original Wobbler design. It is made to spice up your rack modulations and add some unique drums. The new version offers new complex LFO waveforms, extends the concept into the audio rage, and comes again with the beloved drum synthesis engine.

There are now two modes: LFO and drum. In LFO mode, Wobbler2 gives you five different shapes to work with. Standard mode morphs between classic sine, sawtooth, triangle, and square waveforms.

Self-Phasing blends a phase-shifted copy of itself for more complex shapes. While Twang and Double Pendulum employ physical modeling synthesis, respectively, representing a resonating stick and swinging pendulums. Plus, you get a sample and hold that latches the value of an internal white noise generator with optional smoothing.

Push the Bang On, and Wobbler2 turns into a drum Synthesizer module. That’s new in v2. Also here, you get five drum models to choose from. You can shape them but also sequence and crossfade between them. Big Drum features kicks and toms, while Block covers various shapes of objects you could hit with a stick. Sproing gives some wacky spring and bounce sounds, and Snare and Hihat cover noisy and metallic timbres with ease.

On the connection side, the module has standard and phased outputs for the LFOs while the drums have drum and envelope outputs. Each output also has a bipolar level control, very handy. There are also cycle outputs. Not to forget, in drum mode the module applies compression to the left channel and distortion to the right.

First Impression

I’m very happy to see that the Wobbler is back. The module has always been one of the most exciting, esoteric LFO modules on the market. In addition, it’s now a very banging drum module. Now in reworked version 2 with more features. Great release.

Wobbler2 by This Is Not Rocket Science is available now for 360€/$389,99. You can buy it at their Etsy shop or at retailers.

More information here: This Is Not Rocket Science (TINRS) 

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