Noise Toaster By Elettrorama Is A Semi-Modular Lo-Fi Analog Desktop & Eurorack Synthesizer

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If you look at the Synthesizer market nowadays, you can clearly differentiate yourself from two different markets. One where the quantities play a central role (Behringer, KORG, Roland…) and a second where you can find more specialities or called the Boutique area.

In the latter, there a lot of small manufacturers that produce very distinctive and exciting instruments. One of them is By Elettrorama from Italy which builds very crazy Synthesizers in very small quantities. Per example, the Noise Toaster is a very unique lo-fi analog noise Synthesizer designed by Ray Wilson of Music from Outer Space (MFOS).

Expanded & Optimized Features

Elettrorama’s version of the Noise Noise is not just a reproduction of Ray Wilson’s design but they expanded the synth with interesting new features. It includes a modification that allows for external CV control of the VCO as well as an inout that passes a mono audio signal through the VCF. Electrorama have fully modified the original circuit making it completely patchable, all inputs and outputs can be managed independently. The results are surprising and the ability to create new sounds is endless.

Light years away from the original version includes the ability to control the unit with control voltage and to process internal signals through the internal VCF. The noise maker shines when run through effects pedals, especially a delay.

Eurorack Version

Beside the desktop version, the developer also created a Eurorack version of the Noise Toaster Synthesizer.

  • Wide Range VCO
  • White Noise Generator
  • Cool low Pass Filter
  • Simple But Effective VCA
  • AR Generator with Repeat or Manual Pushbutton
  • LFO with Square, Integrated Square and Differentiated Square waves
  • Wall wart modification – 9 volt power supply included
Sound Demo

This sound demo is not based on Elettrorama’s Noise Toaster version but on Mecha-Cat-Zilla. Nonetheless, it shows the sound quality of the analog engine.

Elettrorama Noise Toaster Synthesizer is now available for 170€ + shipping in very limited quantities. The Noise Toaster Synthesizer in the Eurorack version is also now available for 200€ + shipping.

More information here: Elettrorama

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