Pylobolus teases new digital polyphonic Synthesizer with a sound demo

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At SynthFest France 2024, Pylobolus, a new French Boutique synth company, teased a new digital polyphonic Synthesizer with a sound demo.

It’s time for a new Synthesizer, but it’s still top secret. No announcement is planned in Berlin, so there will be no Superbooth 24 news. However, the information came from the SynthFest France 2024. 

A new French Boutique company, Pylobolus, has teased a new digital polyphonic Synthesizer. The device is still so secret that I couldn’t take any photos or videos. Instead of a prototype video, we compromised to make a sound demo as a teaser.

The key data I can communicate from the Pylobolus is that it will be a purely digital desktop Synthesizer with a special voice structure with 9×2 voices and two layers. Further, it will use virtual analog, FM, and VOSIM synthesis, aka voice simulation synthesis.

Pylolobus estimates a release of its new digital synth in 2025. So not tomorrow or next week. What I could see at SynthFest was a prototype, and many features had not yet been fully implemented.

In the same way, the demo sounds are not intended to cast a final picture of the synth but rather to provide a teaser. But I’m excited when the synth will be finished. When it appears in 2025, you’ll definitely see it at SynthFest France 2025. Then, hopefully, with a complete video.

In case you are now looking for the company Pylolobus on Google. There is currently no website for this. So still a secret. 

SynthFest France 2024

SynthFest France 2024 News


  1. Pylolobus Alkollol 9×2 digital polyphonic synthesizer. So we got the name and sounds.
    I’m not getting very excited with the teaser. A nice photo and specs would’ve probably got more hype I think.

    • 100 points or not. Who says that this is the real name or just a working name. It’s an early stage prototype. Same for a music project that you will not release as well as a 0001343 Unfinished track 😉

      Not publishing a photo is the decision of the developer. I took this into account because the synth isn’t finished and the developer didn’t want it because everything could change.

  2. With that sound demo, they can continue to keep it a secret. They seem to be out of touch with what is even nominally pleasing sounding.

    • it’s not your taste okay, maybe it’s the taste of others. Don’t be that negative! It’s just an instrument. Plus, it’s a prototype so many things can change.

    • Let me guess, you prefer typical filtered saw waves we already heared 9000 times in every synth? I quite like this demo, maybe too much LFO but it definitely has character, sounds life if the sound designer tried to get closer to acoustic sounds instead of creating pure synth sounds.

  3. I think it sounds quirky and awesome. Some of you must not have many people to talk with IRL cuz you seem to get a rush from being hateful on here lol

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